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Bass Fishing Gear Recommendations: My Top Picks

Getting the right gear is essential to perform well on the water. Keep in mind that I researched heavily on the specific features for each recommendation. You can have a peace of mind knowing that you will be getting exactly what you need. Rod length, action and power. Reel gear ratio, type of braking system, type of drag. Type of line, what pound test… etcetera. I’ve carefully researched everything. If you are reading my crankbait or flipping and pitching gear recommendation, you can be 110% confident that you are getting exactly what you need. If I feel the suggestion for something is a little bit pricey, I try to include a cheaper alternative for it.

Before moving on, I want to say a few words specifically about the bass fishing rod industry. This is an oversaturated market. There are A LOT of rod brands. The rods I usually feature tend to be from smaller brands (with a couple of exceptions). There is something I’ve noticed when it comes to smaller brands in comparison to the big box brands: they tend to have a very unique proposition in their designs and they deliver exceptional quality. I believe the reason for this is that having a superior product is the only way to compete in such an oversaturated market, and to have an advantage over the big guys. The best way for them to stand out is to have an amazing product.

The brands I like and recommend are truly magnificent. They are equally as good or even better than any of the big box brands, with very unique features on their design and materials. I promise you will end up loving them. Since I am so confident with my suggestions, if you get any of my suggestions and you are not happy with what you purchased, you can return the item and get a full refund for it. No hidden charges or fees.

If you're not sure where to begin, start with "Best Gear For Beginners".

Recommended Rods, Reels and Tackle For Beginners (START HERE!)

Recommended Rods, Reels and Tackle For Crankbaits

Recommended Rods, Reels and Tackle for Heavy Cover
(Flipping, Pitching, Punching)

Recommended Rods, Reels and Line For Moving Baits and Worms
(Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, Swim Jigs, Buzzbaits and more)

Recommended Rod, Reel and Line for Topwaters and Jerkbaits