About Us

Welcome to Reel Fishermen! We are an online retailer providing competitive prices on fishing gear and supplies. Our mission is to provide the best shopping experience to our customers. We do this by providing a very personal and genuine customer service, high quality products and quick shipping. Our goal is to give you the tools for you to be the best fisherman you can possibly be. If you can't Tackle Anything you want, we have failed our mission.



Not sure what gear is the best option for your situation? We're happy to help you out! We'll make sure that you get what's best for you. Want to check your order status, estimate the shipping time and cost for your area, or check product availability? Feel free to talk to ReelB on our live chat (ReelB is our chatbot… yes, we have our own chatbot), or you can also talk to one of our operators. You get the idea: any questions, inquiries, clarifications, or anything else you need, you can contact us by phone, email, or through our live chat. We're here for you, buddy. (To contact us, click here


We are based in New York, with offices nationwide. We distribute nationwide via FedEx, UPS, and First Class Priority Mail. For the moment, we only sell nation wide. 


Our Team

We have a great team that comes to work everyday, filled with energy and enthusiasm. And there is a reason for that: to join our team, they have to love fishing (among other things). Thus, we have a team that is knowledgable and passionate about their work. This also means that they genuinly care about helping our customers.


In a Nutshell 

At Reel Fishermen, you will find a wide variety of fishing gear at competitive prices, lots of promotions and more, but most importantly, you will have a satisfying, secure, and memorable experience. Welcome to our store!


“Reel Fishermen can Tackle Anything they want”