Vexan Rods


If you are looking for a rod that is strong, sensitive and accurate, then Vexan is probably the brand you want to go to. Their rods have very good backbone without sacrificing sensitivity.


Premium Expensive Rods vs Cheap Low-Quality Rods (and what does this have to do with Vexan?)

The graphite blank, other components and the finish are the difference of higher quality (and usually more expensive) casting rods. The geo-location of where the rod is made can also influence the final cost of a rod. This plays part of why Vexan rods are so unique:


What Makes Vexan Unique?

Considering a casting rod is not a “one size fits all” type of item (AKA you need several rods for different applications). Getting premium rods can get quite expensive and can either drain your bank account, or it will be a slow process while you build your arsenal, because you have to wait a longer period of time while you get the money for your next rod. On the other hand, the cheaper you go down the line, the quality of the rods will equally descend. And this is where Vexan comes in.


All Vexan rods are made for the purpose of delivering the same quality of a $400, but at a much more affordable price. That’s the uniqueness of these rods. They give you the quality of a premium rod at the price of a cheaper one. Vexan rods are between twenty and forty percent cheaper than most premium rods.


About their Titanium Technology (Key Point!)

The technology they use is key in delivering power, strength and sensitivity. They are ultra-resistant. They use IM8 Titan blanks. They are extremely resistant. See it for yourself:



Something worth noting is that all their models are visually compelling. Often, this is a subjective point but, in our opinion, their models are visually aesthetical.


About their Guides

They are exceptionally durable. One thing that many rods have is they have guides that tend to break easily. The guide system that Vexan uses gives you a long lasting rod and smoother casts and cause less abrasion to the line. Their guide system is also a factor in these rods being very lightweight.


About Their Models...

 Let’s briefly go over their models available:



These rods and reels are made to fit your needs. These line of rods and reels are multi-species. These rods are made with premium carbon and graphite blanks. These rods feature some serious backbone for both the cast and the hook-set, yet retain sensitivity needed to detect the lightest bite.



This is one of the rod series that have WINN Grip. Winn Grip is the most superior of all, even more than cork. Vexan Pro bass fishing rods are built on a highly sensitive carbon/graphite 50-ton blank.  It has the finest Fuji reel seat for extreme comfort.



This series has serious backbone without losing any sensitivity. It's built with a modified IM8+ trade secret TitanTM technology blank offering superior strength, flexibility, sensitivity and years of durability.



These rods provide the perfect combination of power and sensitivity you need to catch crappie and panfish.



These rods give you the backbone you need for both the cast and the hook set. These rods will not only cover all of your trophy fishing, but will also perform great for the toughest saltwater and freshwater game fish.



 These rods deliver great performance and price in Bass, Muskie and Walleye rods. These rods are designed to meet your exact needs for casting and perfect presentation of any inshore fishing lure.



These rods are made to meet your exact needs for casting and perfect presentation of any inshore and offshore fishing lure.



These rods are made with premium glass, carbon and graphite blanks. One of the best Catfish rods you will find out there.



These rods are extremely sensitive. The tips will let you know the lightest bite. At the same time, it has a great backbone to fish the largest fish.


Why Get a Vexan Rod?

  • It over delivers quality in relation to the price. It's practically getting a premium rod for the price of a cheaper one.
  • The rod blanks, the power, strength and sensitivity these rods deliver is outstanding. 
  • Their Titanium Technology is outstanding. 
  • They have nice aesthetics. 
  • They have very durable guides. 
  • Some of their models have a custom WINN Grip. 
  • They donate from 40% to 60% of their profit to children’s charities and veterans every year.
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