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Tackle Industries (TI Rods)- Musky and Northern Pike Rods


Tackle Industries has made a name for themselves among musky and pike anglers. The reason they managed to make a name out there is because they produce one of the best musky and pike rods on the market, and they manage to make them affordable to the public. Their rods are made with IM8+ rod blanks, which deliver lightness without losing responsiveness and durability.   


Their rods will provide you with the backbone you need on the cast and the hookset. Their musky and pike rods are not only limited to these 2 fish, you can also use them for some of the toughest freshwater and saltwater big game fish.




Available Powers

There are 4 “powers” available: MH (1-4oz lures), XH (2-8oz lures), XXH (up to 16oz lures) and the BEAST Super Pounder rod XXXH (up to 2lb lures).


What if these rods are too long?

If you don’t have space to store a 9’ rod, then get a telescopic rod. They collapse to 7’6”. Longer rods are ideal to cast lures further with reduced effort, reducing arm fatigue.


Titan TM Technology

Tackle Industries has developed the trade secret TitanTM, which provide the strength, flexibility and durability that these rods are known for.


About their guides (key point)


When you get a TI Rod, you will notice it will have 10 guides instead of 8. This is a big difference from every other rod because it will provide you with smoother casts, especially with larger musky lures. Your line and the guides themselves will also wear out less.


About their Grip

Something very unique about these rods is that they give you the option to choose either a split grip or a full grip. They are hard and fat. They are almost 1.5” in diameter, which is about 25% thicker than the common handle.

 Tackle Industries Musky Pike Rod- Full Or Split Handle (1)

Lifetime Warranty

Tackle Industries has so much faith in their products that they offer a Lifetime Warranty. That says a lot!



Tackle Industries donate 40% to 60% of their profit to children’s charities and veterans every year. They are socially responsible and proudly made in the US.


Top reasons to get a rod from Tackle Industries:

  • One of the best musky and pike rods in the market.
  • They are affordable.
  • They have split grips and full grips available for you to choose.
  • Their TitanTM technology will make your rod strong and it will make it last for a long time.
  • Their guides will give you smoother casts.
  • They donate to charity.
  • They have a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Proudly made in America.
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