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Super Seeker Series by Seeker Rods




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This series was introduced in 2008, and it became quite popular within the saltwater fishing community.

The Super Seeker Rod Series is made with S Glass. S Glass is much stronger than E Glass, about 30% stronger. There are two words that describe any rod from the Super Seeker Series: durability and strength. You can really pull super hard on these rods and they won’t break. These rods will fish their line test rating on the upper end. If you are looking for a strong rod that will thrive through rough battles with big and aggressive fish, you’ve got a winner here. Super Seeker rods are heavy pieces in relation to their line rating. Besides what we previously mentioned, they managed to keep their rods lightweight.


On the other hand, the design of this rod series is just sweet.  They have the American titanium Frame Guides with Nanolite inserts, which are 100% corrosion resistant.


Why should you get a Super Seeker rod?

Specifically talking about the Super Seeker Series, they are made to handle big fish. These rods are very strong, you will be surprised on how much pressure they can take. If you are looking to go after bigger fish, you will probably want to use one of these rods. All Seeker rods are made for offshore anglers who want to take their fishing to the next level. Seeker rods are easily comparable to a custom rod, and at a much affordable price.


Available Models

Super Seeker Live Bait Rods

*SS 196-7’ (7’, 10-15 lb)

*SS 270-7’ (7', 12-20 lb)

*SS 870-7’ (7', 15-25 lb)

*SS 970-7' (7', 20-30 lb)

*SS 670-7' (7', 25-40 lb)

*SS 196-8' (8', 12-20 lb)

*SS 270-8' (8', 15-25 lb)

*SS 270H-8' (8', 20-30 lb)

*SS 980-8' (8', 20-30 lb)

*SS 890-9' (9', 15-25 lb)

*SS 660XF-6 (6', 15-25 lb)- FAST ACTION

*SS 665F 6 1/2' (6'6" 15-30 lb)- FAST ACTION



    Super Seeker Jig and Bait Rods

    *SS 665-6 1/2' (6'6", 20-40 lb)

    *SS 665H-6 1/2' (6'6", 30-50 lb)

    *SS 6460-6' (6', 25-40 lb)

    *SS 6465-6 1/2' (6'6", 25-40 lb)

    *SS 6465H-6 1/2' (6'6", 30-50 lb)

    *SS 6465XH- 6 1/2' (6'6", 30-80 lb)

    *SS 6470-7' (7', 30-50 lb)

    *SS 6470H-7' (7', 40-60 lb)

    *SS 6470XH-7' (7,' 50-80 lb)


      Super Seeker Spinning Rods

      *SS 270-7'S (7', 12-20 lb)

      *SS 870-7'S (7', 15-25 lb)

      *SS 970-7'S (7', 20-30 lb)

      *SS 670-7'S (7', 25-40 lb)

      *SS 6470-7'S (7', 30-50 lb)

      *SS 1 X 3-7'S (7', 60-100 lb)


        Super Seeker Stand Up Rods

        *SS 660H-6’ (6' 30-60 lb)

        *SS 6460H-6' RS/RT (6' 40-60 lb)

        *SS 655XH-5 1/2' RS/RT (5'6" 40-60 lb)

        *SS 1 X 3-7'C (7' 60-100 lb)

        *SS 2 X 4-7'C (7' 80-130 lb)

        *SS 3 X 5-7'C (7' 100-200 lb)

        Super Seeker Stand Up Rods (All Roller Black AFTCO)

        *SS 660H-6 AR (6', 30-60 lb)

        *SS 6460XH-6 AR (6', 50-80 lb)

        *SS 6455XH-5 1/2' AR (5'6", 50-80 lb)

        *SS 6455XXH- 5 1/2' AR (5'6", 60-100 lb)

        *SS 6463XXH-6 1/4' AR  (6'3", 60-100 lb)

        *SS 6455XXXH- 5 1/2' AR (5'6", 80-130 lb)

        *SS 6463XXXH 6 1/4 AR (6'3", 80-130 lb)

        *SS 6455XH 5 1/2 AR/UB (5'6", 50-80 lb) [Uni-Butt]

        *SS 6460XH-6' AR/UB (6', 50-80 lb)[Uni-Butt]

        *SS 6463XXH-6 1/4' AR/UB (6'3", 60-100 lb)[Uni-Butt]

        *SS 6455XXH- 5' 1/2" AR/UB (5'6", 60-100 lb)[Uni-Butt]

        *SS 6463XXXH 6' 1/4" AR/UB (6'3", 80-130 lb)[Uni-Butt]

        *SS 6455XXXH 5' 1/2" AR/WO/UB (5'6", 80-130 lb)[Uni-Butt]


            Super Seeker Wind On Guides Rail Rods

            *SS 6455XXXH 5 1/2 AR / WO (5'6", 80-130 lb)

            *SS 6463XXXXH-6 1/4' AR / WO  (6'3", 80-150 lb)


            Super Seeker Cork Tape Rods With Turks Head

            *SS 196-8' CT (8', 12-20 lb)

            *SS 270-8' CT  (8', 15-25 lb)

            *SS 270H-8'CT (8', 20-30 lb)

            *SS 980-8'CT (8', 15-40 lb)

            *SS 670-8' CT (8', 20-40 lb)

            *SS 6480-8' CT (8', 20-40 lb)

            *SS-D8-8'CT (8', 20-50 lb)

            *SS 6480H-8' CT (8', 30-50 lb)

            *SS 6480XH-8' CT (8', 40-60 lb)

            *SS 6485-8 1/2' CT (8'6", 20-40 lb)

            *SS 890-9' CT (9', 15-25 lb)

            *SS 990-9' CT (9', 20-30 lb)

            *SS 36-8'CT (8', 15-30 lb)

            *SS 6490-9' CT (9', 25-50 lb)

            *SS 6500-10' CT (10', 25-50 lb)

            SUPER SEEKER ROD


            Super Seeker The Mighty ULUA Jig Stick

            *SS-ULUA 93H-9 1/4'CT (9'3", 30-60 lb)

            *SS-C-ULUA100-10'CT (10', 25-60 lb)

            *SS-BABY ULUA-10 CT (10', 20-40 lb)


              Top Reasons to get a rod from the Super Seeker Series:

              • They are hand made. You are getting a custom rod at a fraction of the price.
              • They are extremely strong. It’s the best option if you are going after bigger fish.
              • Their strong titanium frame guides.
              • They are very durable.
              • Made in the US.
              • Made for serious anglers.


              About Seeker

              Seeker Rods are proudly made in America. They are located in California. They build their own blanks from flat raw material. Specialized technicians are involved in the process. Every step of the process of the rod making is hand made. Some of their technicians have been there for 15+ years, just imagine the level of skills they have developed for the art of rod making!   


              How do they make their rods?

              The process involved in making a single rod is an art of its own. It’s a process that involves many stages and several people that give their 110% to make every single rod their best artwork. Like we previously mentioned, these rods are handmade. There are no automations in place. This is why we say that they are pretty much like having a custom made rod, but at a fraction of the price.


              Once a rod is finished, they make it go through a process where specialists go through the rod meticulously, making sure that every single component of the rod is in place and there are no flaws or mistakes on it.


              If you are interested in the production process, take a look at it in this video. It’s worth watching it:

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