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Pakboats (Kayaks and Pakcanoes)


Pakboats: Puffin Saranac, Puffin Saco, Quest 150 and PakCanoe



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If you are looking for a folding kayak or canoe, Pakboats is a great option. One thing that stands out about any Pakboat kayak and canoe is that it can adapt to you in a very unique way. You can use the top deck to protect yourself from water and remove it when you require more space or you want to fish. They are also very lightweight, which is convenient when moving around with it.


The amazing thing about folding kayaks and canoes is that they are extremely convenient for storage and transportations. You can assemble your kayak or canoe the night before your trip and take it on the top of your car, or you can pack it and put it together once you arrive to the lake/river. When folded, it’s the size of a gym bag!



About the assembly

About the assembly, you will be fine as long as you stick with the instructions. We recommend to practice putting it together at your house for the first time before taking it to the lake. After putting it together a couple of times, you won’t even need the instructions. There are also videos that you could use as a reference. There first times around will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to assemble. Once you know how to do it, it will probably take you around 10 minutes. 


PakCanoe Puffin Assembly Setup

Let’s talk about the Pakboat Kayaks (Puffin Saco, Puffin Saranac, Quest 150)

There are 3 models available: Puffin Saco, Puffin Saranac and Quest 150.


  • Puffin Saco and Puffin Saranac: These are for recreational purposes and for fishing. The Saco is Solo and the Saranac is Tandem


  • Quest 150: These are their touring kayaks.



About the structure of the kayaks

3 main things conform the Puffin’s structure:


  • The skin: The skin is the external cover which prevents the water from coming in. The bottom of the kayak is made of a strong fabric and the sides are made of a lighter fabric. Don’t worry about the stress points, as they are strengthened and will last for a very long time.


  • The frame: It’s made of anodized aluminum, which makes the frame corrosion resistant, and very firm and durable.


  • Inflatable tubes: They are located on the sides, between the skin and the frame and they are responsible for flotation. They also deliver tension to the skin to make it stronger and more solid.


About the seat

It’s very comfortable. They have an inflatable bladder for thigh support. This enhances comfort. It also has 3D woven mesh that allows air circulation.


About the removable decks (Kayaks Only, Sold Separately)


Take the removable deck off when you are going to fish and/or you simply need more space for movement. Put it back on if you need more protection and you want to prevent water from getting into the kayak. This versatility is something unique about Pakboat kayaks.


It’s attached with a line of Velcro that follows around the hull (beneath the gunwales, which are tensed to provide hardness to the hull). There is an aluminum cockpit rim that gives support for a spray skirt. You can open the deck on both sides (front and back) so you can load or unload your stuff in or out of the kayak. It has installed rigging in case there are things you want to safely take on the top of the deck.


Let’s talk about Pakcanoes canoes

There is only one model or “design” with 6 different sizes available. These are considered the best folding canoes in the market. They have been produced since 1995 and have been constantly improved since then. They are practical, perform great and have great aesthetics.


The Pakcanoe has a renforced PVC skin held under tension that is supported by a framework of tubular aluminum, which makes the kayak light and strong.



Huge advantage over hard material canoes

The Pakcanoe has an advantage over hard material canoes: it interacts with the waves in a synergic way due to their skin-on-frame construction. The bow will go over the waves (or in other words, it “climbs” the waves) instead of crashing them. It will also absorb impact against rocks and other structures and receives much less damage than a fiberglass, aluminum or kevlar kayak would.


Each Pakcanoe is built to expedition specifications

Let’s briefly go over each model:

Pakcanoe 140

It’s a solo canoe for small and medium sized paddlers. It’s ideal if you are not planning to take a lot of gear. It’s excellent for small creeks where you need a lot of maneuvering and control of the folding canoe.


Pakcanoe 150

If you plan to eventually take 2 paddlers and camping gear for 1 week, go for this model. It has good speed and tracks well on flatwater. It also performs well in Class lll whitewater.


Pakcanoe 150T

It’s basically the same than the Packcanoe 150 except ut has 5 cross ribs, adding 3 inches of beam. It’s perfect for taking it with your family, on fishing trips and up to one week of camping. It also performs well on whitewater.


Pakcanoe 160

Looking for a canoe you can use for anything? Go for this model. This is their all-around canoe. It’s 16’ and has space for 2 people and 2 to 3 weeks of equipment for camping. Contrarily, it’s also perfect for a day trip on the lake.


Pakcanoe 165

This is a narrower canoe. About the length it’s 16’5”. It’s great for one to two paddlers and gear for a 2+ week expedition. Since it’s narrower, it’s comfortable for solo paddling.


Pakcanoe 170

This is the wilderness work horse. If you are looking to carry one month or more of gear and two paddlers, this is for you. It’s 17’. It’s the best option for long and hard expeditions.


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