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Nauticraft Pedal Boats (Escapade and Encore)


Nauticraft Pedal Boats: The Escapade and The Encore

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Nauticraft is a company that has been around since 1994. They produce, in our opinion, the best pedal boats in the market. Their pedal boats are made with high quality materials, which makes them very durable, and they offer the best features. These pedal boats offer smooth peddling, which is important for being able to pedal longer distances. There are many reasons why we think Nauticraft have the best pedal boats in the market. Let’s dive into some of them:


Operating function: These pedal boats are designed for them to navigate on the water in a very nice and smooth way.


Aesthetics: The functionality of the design of the boat translates into very visually attractive designs. 


Speed: Pedal Boats are not meant to be navigated at high speeds, but Nauticraft Pedal Boats are compensating when it comes to the amount of effort you put in pedaling in relation to how fast you will go on the water.  


Propellers: Nauticraft uses propellers for their pedal boats. It has been proven time and time again that propellers are the best option when it comes to moving a pedal boat. Also, propellers are quiet, so you won’t disturb the marine life. If you are planning to use your pedal boat for fishing, this is a big plus. This is what differentiates pedal boats from paddle boats, and it’s the main reason why we think pedal boats are more efficient.


High Freeboard: The high freeboard will prevent you from getting wet. Unlike kayaks and canoes, you can just get on your paddle boat with your regular clothes if you want. Although, it’s always recommended to wear a PFD when


Materials: Nauticraft pedal boats are made with rotomolded polyethylene. This makes them very resistant. Also, scratches and scrapes are far less visible than in other materials.


Seat and Back Support: Nauticraft’s Paddle Boats seats are designed to contour the shape of your body. This is ideal because making you more comfortable, it will also help you go through longer trips without much problem.


Efficient Steering: These pedal boats have big steering handles that will provide you with immediate steering. 


There are 2 available models that you can buy from:


The Encore


This pedal boat is an amazing option for anyone who is looking for something with more person capacity (you can comfortably fit in 4 people- including yourself). The maximum weight capacity between persons and gear is 900 lb. This should be enough leeway for you to be comfortable with the people and equipment and gear that you can put in the boat.


Here are some of the features:

  • The Encore paddle boat has a self-bailing cockpit that takes out the water that makes it into the boat. This is incredibly convenient because you won’t need a bilge pump for it.


  • It has a transom swim platform that is molded in on the back of the boat. This is a great feature because it will make it very easy for you to get back into the boat in case you fell out of it.
  • You can add a bimini top to it if you wish (sold separately).
  • The seats and the back bench are padded for maximum comfort. You will enjoy your ride longer because you will be more comfortable.
  • The steering handle is strategically placed so you can control the boat with ease with the double rudder system it has. This will give you extra control over the boat.
  • It has an extensive area for storage where you can have from snacks and drinks to electronics.
  • 4 person capacity (2 pedalers and 2 passengers)


Model types

There are 3 different models from The Encore that you can choose from: Pedal, Electric or Pedal+Electric. Let’s get into each one of them:


The Encore: Pedal Only

The Pedal only version of this boat has 2 side by side pedal drive units. In case the propeller gets stuck with weeds, it has a “clean out hole” in the rear compartment.  



The Encore: Electric Only

The version with Electric Motor Propulsion uses a 55lb. thrust 12-volt Minn Kota saltwater electric motor. The LED battery gauge comes standard. It doesn’t have the pedal drive system, which gives you more space to make yourself comfortable and perhaps putting some gear on that area.


It has a 628 lb weight capacity between people and gear, built with polyethylene, with a length of 14 ft 2 in, a beam of 4 ft 11 in, a draft of 1 ft 9 in and weight of 400 lbs. (without the battery). The speed potential for The Encore is 3.5-4 miles per hour.




The Encore: Pedal + Electric

When it comes to the pedal propulsion part, it has 2 drive units on the front end that are pedaled separately.


The electrical support components, the battery (12-v) and the charger are placed in the front storage compartment. You can charge the battery using 110 house current. It has a box controller that is strategically placed next to the steering handle (use it to move forward/backwards and speed control). 


Like previously mentioned, for the electric motor it uses the Minn Kota electric motor (55 lb thrust/12-volt).


It has a length of 14 ft 2 in, a beam of 4 ft 11 in, a draft of 1 ft 9 in and weight of 425 lbs. (without the battery). The speed potential for The Encore is 3.5-4 miles per hour.


About the propulsion, it has 2 propellers that are 15 in. (two blades).




Let's move on to the next model:

The Escapade

This pedal boat can be used in harbors, bays, ocean inlets and lakes. One of the greatest features of this pedal boat is the effortless peddling. Just like The Encore, it can reach a speed up to 4 miles per hour. Peddling is effortless.


It has a spade rudder. This will let you execute effective turnings, which translate into increased control over the boat.


If you are worried your cellphone or other items will get wet, it has a dry shelf for them. It also has a stretch cord retaining system, where you can put your life jackets, towels, and emergency even a beverage.


This pedal boat also has a bench seat on the back, which can seat from 1 to 2 persons. This seat has a storage compartment under the cushion, in case you want to store more things in there. 



Guinness World Record?

It even holds a Guinness World Record for the English channel crossing! This pedal boat is just superior in all aspects.



  • 2 to 3 person capacity: The Escapade can fit 2 adults, or 1 adult and 2 children. It’s for one pedaler.
  • Molded-in transom swim platform: In case you go for a swim or accidentally fall in the water, you can re-enter the boat with ease.
  • Ballast filled keel: This provides stability in rough waters. This is a big deal because you will be able to go to spots that you wouldn’t be able to reach with other models. Huge plus for The Escapade.
  • Windshield and arch: They provide aerodynamics and repel high waves. The aerodynamics will help you sustain you stability on windy days.
  • Built-in manual bilge pump: This will help you remove rain water from the boat effortlessly.
  • Stretch cord retainers: Like we mentioned earlier, they retain towels, life jackets, water bottles, etc.
  • Available seat cushion/Bimini colors: turquoise, red.


Available Models:


This model will deflect winds and spay during the off season or cooler days. The windshield protects the pedaler on cold weather excursions. If the weather is hot, you can remove the windshield effortlessly so you can feel the refreshing wind blow.



The Low Windshield Escapade provides all of the features of the High Windshield model but gives a “top down” feeling of open air pedaling.


Top Reasons to get a Nauticraft Pedal Boat:

  • They operate at a very efficient level. They are smooth on the water.
  • They are made with high-quality materials. Your pedal boat will last for years to come.
  • It compensates in speed the amount of pedaling you do.
  • They are simply gorgeous. The aesthetics of these boats are amazing.
  • They are incredibly comfortable.
  • They use propellers, which are the most efficient when it comes to pedal boats. Also, they don't disturb marine life because they quiet and subtle, which is a big plus if you want to go fishing.


Nauticraft Pedal Boats are superior in every way. We dare you to find a better pedal boat on the market!

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