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Maravia (Rafts and Catarafts)


Maravia Whitewater Rafts: Catarafts, New Wave, Wind and Voyageur Series.


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Maravia is one of the best brands out there for whitewater rafts and catarafts. Maravia has been around since 1972 and has managed to become one of the leaders of the industry.


Maravia- Biggest Innovators In The Whitewater Rafting Industry

Maravia has been the pioneer in several features in whitewater rafts. Here are some of them:


Self-Bailing Floor with Drop Stitch Construction

They were the first ones to develop a self-bailing floor. They achieved it with drop stitch construction. This was back in 1975. Way before it became the industry standard.


Before self-bailing floors became the industry standards, water getting inside the rafts was quite a problem. Water from the rapids would just keep filling up the raft. The passengers would lose their foot positions because of this, making them lose stability. In bigger rapids, they would get completely flooded, making the raft very heavy and hard to manouver and control. This is a dangerous situation you don’t want to be in.


Long story short, self-bailing floors in whitewater rafts are a game changer, and Maravia was the innovator in this feature.


Thermofused Seam Construction combined with Urithane Seamless Encapsulation

This makes their rafts very durable, they don’t wear out, and it makes them very unlikely to get damaged. These processes are exclusive to Maravia.


Thermofused Seam Construction combined with Urithane Seamless Encapsulation- Maravia

Class Vl Fabric

This fabric is the most durable in the whole market. If you buy any Maravia raft or cataraft, you can rest assured that they will last for a very long time. 



In our opinion, Maravia rafts are very visually pleasant. The design of the boats in combination with the colors makes them visually attractive.


Drop Stiches Floor

We briefly mentioned this before, but it’s an important feature that makes Maravia stand out from other brands. Usually, when you are standing on the floor of a raft, it’s a little bit “soft” or “spongy”, which makes it less stable when you are standing up on it. The drop stiches correct this problem by making the floor very, very flat. It makes the floor practically like if it was a solid floor.


Drop stiches floor also allow the raft to spin more easily.


Durabillity- The strongest feature of Maravia Rafts

Class VI base fabric and a Urethane coating that have over 40 times the abrasion resistance of PVC and over 15 times the abrasion resistance of Hypalon. The drop stiches also contribute to durability.


In a nutshell, Maravia has the strongest rafts in the whole rafting industry. If durability is a decisive factor in what raft you are planning to buy, Maravia is the winner here.


Great For Fly Fishing

If you want to buy a raft and a frame separately for customizability purposes, you've got a winner here! 



About their warranty

Maravia has a lot of confidence in their products. They offer a 10 year warranty. You can have peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong (don’t worry, it won’t), they will stand by their product.


About their models…


They have 6 different sizes available. They are sleek, stable and durable. You will see that each option has two numbers (for example: 12x20). The first number stands for the length of the tubes and the second number is for the center tube diameter.

 Maravia Cataraft-White and Blue

New Wave Series

If you are looking for an in-between sized raft, this is what you will want to get. All the rafts of the New Wave series have 3 main air chambers and no handles.

*New Wave 1= 12’6”

*New Wave 2= 13’6”

*New Wave 3= 14’6”

     Maravia- New Wave Series

    Wind Series

    The Wind Series includes 2.5" D-rings, removable thwarts, handles and a 10-year warranty (just like the other series). The rafts from the Wind Series, like the name says, are named after the winds:

    *Lil’ Wave= 10’6”

    *Northwind= 16’6”

    *Williwaw 1= 14’

    *Williwaw 1.5=15’

    *Williwaw 2= 15’9”

    *Hurricane= 18’


    *Mistral= 16’3”

    *Tempest 1= 16’6”

    *Tempest 2= 16’10”

    *Chubasco= 19’

    *Elan= 12’

    *Espirit= 13’

    *Grand 18= 18’

    *Seal (Standard Floor)= 11’6”



    Voyageur Series

    The Voyageur Series shares the same main features as the other 2 series. It has  10 different models available:

    *Torrent= 13’



    *Wider Spider= 13’

    *Willy-Willy= 14’

    *Zephyr= 15’

    *Diablo= 14’

    *Typhoon= 16’

    *Monsoon= 17’6”

    *Maestro= 18’


      Top Reasons to get a Maravia:

      • The drop stitches, self bailing floor is simply superior.
      • The fact that they are extremely durable due to the Thermofused Seam Construction combined with Urithane Seamless Encapsulation, which is an exclusive process to Maravia.
      • They have great aesthetics. 
      • They are made with Class VI Fabric, the most durable fabric in the market.
      • Long-lasting guarantee. You will be covered for 10 years!
      • They have been around for years. They have a lot of experience in building whitewater rafts.
      • They are the pioneers in some of the most commonly used features in the rafting industry. 



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