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Jonny Boats (Bass 100 Hybrid Kayak Boat and Accessories)


Free Gift- Dry Tube

FREE GIFT! Get a Dry Tube for free on the purchase of the Bass 100 Kayak Boat.


About the Bass 100 Hybrid Kayak Boat by Jonny Boats

Jonny Boats blends in the concept of a “Jon” Boat with a kayak, opening up so many outfitting options for paddling AND for a motor. This hybrid kayak/boat is highly customizable. You can customize your Bass 100 with DIY kits or you can also add as many individual accessories as you want or need. You can add an outboard motor, a motor plate, a retractable fin to improve your tracking and paddling efficiency, a uni-track stand up bar to have a support when when standing on your Bass 100, a pair of wheels so you can move it with ease, a trolling motor, a uni-track accessory plate so you can add kayak fishing accessories without drilling any holes, and much more. There are endless options for customizing either for kayaking and for boating.


The Bass 100 is a combination of a kayak, a skiff and a boat. Versatility and customizability are the key points here. We made a full review of it, click here to read it.


Jonny Boats- Bass 100 Hybrid Kayak-Jon Boat

The stability of this boat is reasonably good. Even with your weight shifted to one side while standing up, it feels quite stable.


The stern (back part of the boat) is nice and high. Even with a motor on it, it still remains high. They did a good job on that.


On the motor kits, you will find steering that is up by your lap and you will have forward and backward clutch control. If you are planning to use a gas motor, you will be able to set the throttles and have all your controls at your cockpit.


If you want to use it for fishing, the Jonny Boat- Bass 100 is simply a great option. It will let you go from one spot to another quickly and effortlessly. Although, if you decide to go with the motor instead of paddling, you won’t get the exercise. But, here is the cool part, you can combine paddling and using the motor simultaneously. It's the best from both worlds!


Bass 100 by Jonny Boats- Front Image

Bass 100 Kayak Boat Features

  • Deck rod storage and rod tip protection so you can safely store the rod you're not using.
  • Sturdy molded bow handle that provides great support.
  • Removable sonar and electronics pod in case you want to add a sonar or any other electronic.
  • Open bow storage area which comes in very handy to keep your stuff safe, specially from water.
  • Gunwale UNI-Track accessory rails which will let you customize and/or put any add-on you want.
  • Adjustable foot pegs which will add stability and support to your feet.
  • Cup holder… it’s nice to have a place to put your beer!
  • Soft foam stand pads for maximum comfort.
  • Integrated sturdy carry handles, so you can carry your Jonny Boat with ease.
  • Jonny High-Ride forward & aft + height adjustable seating system that allows you to adjust the seat however you want.
  • Unique and stable planning hull. You will love it!
  • Two flush mounted rod holders with rod leash which will allow you to work 2 rods at the same time.
  • Hull inspection port so you can have access to the hull without compromising the hull’s integrity.
  • Stern UNI-Track accessory rails so you can customize your Jonny Boat.
  • Oversized tankwell storage area w/bungee tie-down so you can store more stuff on your boat!
  • Drain plug to remove all the water that gets in the boat.
Jonny Boats Bass 100- All Colors

Add-ons and Accessories Available for the Jonny Boats- Bass 100

Transom Motor Plate

Mount any electric or gas motor to your Jonny Boat,  along with electric outboards.

Jonny Trolley


Easily transport your Jonny Boat to the launching point.

Uni-Track Stand Up Bar


If you need to stand up when casting or any other reasons, this will assist you. It's a great add on.

Outboard Motor Kit


It's compatible with the Suzuki 2.5 hp or the Honda 2.3 hp. It includes a stern mount, a stearing handle and a neutral-forward gear shifter.

Retractable Fin Kit

This pair of retractable skegs will improve your tracking. Amazing add-on if you are planning to paddle a lot. Needless to say, the Bass 100 does have good tracking. This will only be a big "plus".

Jonny Paddles


You've got to have paddles if you are planning to use it as a kayak.

Jonny Pod Trolling Motor


This is what we recommend to get if you want to power your Bass 100. The Jonny Pod Steerable Trolling Motor is paired with the 8 Ball Steering System (included). Features a 40lb thrust electric motor with variable speed control powered by a 12V battery.

Beaver Tail Rudder Kit

beaver tail rudder kit
Take your tracking to the next level.  The Beaver Tail is something you want to have if you want to achieve the best experience.

UNI-track Standard UNI-Bar

UNI-track Standard UNI-Bar
If you want to really customize your Bass 100 with electronics, you will need this. The Standard UNI-Bar will turn your cockpit into a command center!



Take drinks and snacks with you!


Why should you get the Bass 100 by Jonny Boats?

  • It brings you the best of both worlds (best of kayaks and best of Jon boats). You can paddle and use the motor simultaneously.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Great option for KBF tournaments.
  • Reasonable size. Not very hard to store in your garage.
  • It's not pricey, and it highly delivers in quality and features.

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