FX Custom Rods (Xtreme Angler and Xtreme Titanium)






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If you are looking for quality, precision and elite performance on your next rod, FX Custom Rods is the brand you will want to get. Made by anglers, for anglers. They are a brand that genuinely care about their customers. Lightness, sensitivity and strength are the main qualities of their rods.


About their rod blanks

FX produces their own blanks. This is an important point because typically, most manufacturers bulk buy the rod blanks they use for their rods, and then rebrand them. But FX Rods does the opposite. They planned and created their own blanks, making it unique and superior than the rest.


Take this into consideration: they have 20+ years of experience in building rods. Each of their rod blanks have 20 years of constant improvement in performance in them. Their rod blanks are unique and patented. The material that they are made with (Japanese Toray Fabric) provides you with a very lightweight, sensitive and durable rod.


About their reel seats

Their reel seats are made of graphite. It has a pass through design that allows your finger to be in direct contact with the blank, so you can have greater control and it will also allow you to feel more bites.

 fx custom rods- reel seat

About their line guides

This is another key point. They use Fuji K-Frame Corrosion Control. It’s one of the best materials for line guides in the market, and they are exclusive to FX Rods. Corrosion control is a new finish, which they have tested extensively. This finish is 7 times more resistant to corrosion than regular stainless steel. It’s also a result of an eco-friendly chemical process.


About their grip (WINN)

FX Rods uses Winn grip for their rods. Winn technology provides tackiness to the angler when holding the grip, even in cold weather and with water involved. Winn uses polymer for their grips. Polymer has big advantages. Polymer reduces fatigue when holding your rod, and it also enhances your overall rod control. It’s firm, has great sensitivity and it's light. A lot of anglers would agree that Winn grip is even more superior than cork.


About their rod series (Xtreme Angler vs. Xtreme Titanium)

They have 2 rod series with several rod models on each one: Xtreme Angler Series and Xtreme Titanium Series.


Xtreme Angler Series

The Xtreme Angler Series has become a common name among anglers. It has everything we have previously discussed. You will fall in love with these rods.



Xtreme Titanium Series

This series is made for anglers who require the most advanced equipment. It’s ideal for tournament anglers. These rods are made with 46-ton Japanese Toray Fabric, titanium line guides with silicon nitride rings, low-profile reel seat and signature series Winn grips. They also make sure to not use excessive quantities of glue, exopy and other resonance dampening materials to make sure the rod delivers superior sensitivity. Compared to the Xtreme Angler Series, the Titanium Series is even lighter, more balanced, stronger and more sensitive. It’s the premium line of FX.

Top Reasons To Get an FX Custom Rod:

  • Their patented and unique blank
  • Their exclusive guide lines
  • They are durable, strong, light and sensitive
  • They use superior Winn grips
  • They are affordable
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