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East Coast Rod Series by Seeker


East Coast Rod Series by Seeker: Boat and Jigging Rods, Alll Roller AFTCO Rods, All Roller Uni-Butt Rods, COD Rods 


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Seeker Rods is located on the West Coast. More specifically, in California. Thus, they have always been creating rods that adapt to that side of the country. When they realized they weren’t paying any attention to the East Coast anglers, they decided to create the East Coast Series.


The East Coast Series was made for more extreme anglers. They are made specially for anglers who fish for stripers, tilefish, false albacore, tautog and many others. This series includes Bunker Spoon and Wireline rods, All Roller, and even a Cod rod.




The East Coast rods are constructed using black "E" Glass/Boron blanks. Fiberglass is lightweight and strong. It has great performance.


All rods are built with Pac-Bay turbo guides or AFTCO roller guides, and feature Seeker Hypalon grips. These are very strong and durable. They are perfect for what these rods will be used for.


Reel seats are graphite body, Perfection machined aluminum, or AFTCO Uni-Butts.


All models are wrapped with turquoise underwrap with black overwrap and gold trim.


About Seeker


Seeker Rods are proudly made in America. They are located in California. They build their own blanks from flat raw material. Specialized technicians are involved in the process. Every step of the process of the rod making is hand made. Some of their technicians have been there for 15+ years, just imagine the level of skills they have developed for the art of rod making!    


How do they make their rods?

The process involved in making a single rod is an art of its own. It’s a process that involves many stages and several people that give their 110% to make every single rod their best artwork. Like we previously mentioned, these rods are handmade. There are no automations in place. This is why we say that they are pretty much like having a custom made rod, but at a fraction of the price.


Once a rod is finished, they make it go through a process where specialists go through the rod meticulously, making sure that every single component of the rod is in place and there are no flaws or mistakes on it.


If you are interested in the production process, take a look at it in this video. It’s worth watching it:

Available Models- East Coast Series


Boat and Jigging Rods

*BA 330-7' WL (7', Wireline)

*BA 1153M-8' WL Bunker Spoon (8', Bunker Spoon)

*BA 1153M-9' WL Bunker Spoon (9', Bunker Spoon)


All Roller (AFTCO) Rods

*BTS 660H-6' AR (6' 30-80 lb)

*BTS 660XH-6' AR (6', 40-100 lb)

*BTS 660XXH-6' AR (6', 50-130 lb)


All Roller Uni-Butt Rods

*BTS 660H-6' AR/UB (6', 30-80 lb)

*BTS 660XH-6' AR/UB (6', 40-100 lb)

*BTS 6460XXH-6' AR/UB (6', 50-130 lb)

*BTS 659XXXH-5 3/4' AR/WO/UB (5'9", 80-130 b)


COD Rods

*BA COD-8' (8')

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