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Black Steel Rod Series by Seeker


Black Steel Rod Series by Seeker: Live Bait Rods, Jig and Bait Rods, Spinning Rods, Stand Up Rods, Stand Up All Roller Rods, All Roller Uni Butt Rods, Wind on Guides Rail Rods and Cork Tape Rods


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The Black Steel Series is one of the best rod series from Seeker. The Black Steel Rods exploits to the maximum graphite. They use graphite through the butt section up, and then it transitions into fiberglass at the tip. This type of design philosophy is used because it’s not ideal to have an all-graphite rod, it doesn’t have enough flex. It’s very hard to make an all-graphite rod that performs well.


One of the objectives of putting together graphite and fiberglass together on a rod is that you will be getting the best from both worlds. The combination of these two will give the rod the flexibility and durability of the fiberglass, and the stiffness and lightness of the graphite. The combination of these two materials give as a result Black Steel.


The Black Steel Rod Series is made with titanium guides. Titanium frame guides are light (60% lighter than stainless steel) and are 100% corrosion resistant. This stuff just doesn’t rust. These rods are also extremely strong, very light and have a wide range of options for different uses (it has 48 models to choose from).


About the Sensitivity

These rods have good sensitivity. While they are not the most sensitive rods in the market, you will be able to distinguish sandy from rocky bottoms as well as easily detecting subtle strikes.


About the Power

The Black Steel rods has great lifting power. You will be able to turn and lift big fish without much stress. These rods recoils much quicker than pure fiberglass.


About the rod snapping by overloading it, don’t worry at all. These beasts extremely resistant. They can take a very high amount of stress and they will still be fine.


Are they built to last?

These rods were made to be with you for a very long time. They can take a beating and they will be perfectly fine. They can take 5000 beatings and they will continue to be fine. They are extremely durable.


They are covered with a considerable amount of epoxy resin and a flex gloss coat on all of the blank surface. This layer acts as a shield, preventing the rod from scratching.


In a nutshell- Black Steel Rod Series

These Rods have caught 300 Lb. Yellowfin Tuna, 1,200 Lb. Marlin, 600 Lb. Bluefin Tuna, 300 Lb. Halibut and world record Albacore and Sturgeon. They have incredible lifting power with a faster recoil. They have good sensitivity, they are light, extremely durable and resistant, and have a very affordable price, especially when comparing the price to what you are getting.


About Seeker

Seeker Rods are proudly made in America. They are located in California. They build their own blanks from flat raw material. Specialized technicians are involved in the process. Every step of the process of the rod making is hand made. Some of their technicians have been there for 15+ years, just imagine the level of skills they have developed for the art of rod making!   


How do they make their rods?

The process involved in making a single rod is an art of its own. It’s a process that involves many stages and several people that give their 110% to make every single rod their best artwork. Like we previously mentioned, these rods are handmade. There are no automations in place. This is why we say that they are pretty much like having a custom made rod, but at a fraction of the price.


Once a rod is finished, they make it go through a process where specialists go through the rod meticulously, making sure that every single component of the rod is in place and there are no flaws or mistakes on it.


If you are interested in the production process, take a look at it in this video. It’s worth watching it:


Black Steel Rod Series- Available Models

Black Steel- Live Bait Rods

*G 196-7' ( 7', 10-15 lb)

*G 270-7' (7', 12-20 lb)

*G 870-7' (7', 15-25 lb)

*G 970-7' (7', 20-30 lb)

*G 196-8' (8', 12-20 lb)

*G 270-8' (8', 15-25 lb)

*G 270H-8' (8', 20-30 lb)

*G 980-8' (8', 20-30 lb)

*G 660XF-6' (6', 15-25 lb)- Fast Action

*G 665F 6 1/2' (6'6", 15-30 lb)- Fast Action



Black Steel- Jig and Bait Rods

*G 665-6 1/2' (6'6", 20-40 lb)

*G 6460-6' (6', 25-40 lb)

*G 6465-6 1/2' (6'6", 25-40 lb)

*G 6465H-6 1/2' (6'6", 30-50 lb)

*G 6470-7' (7', 30-50 lb)

*G 6470H-7' (7', 40-60 lb)

*G 6470XH-7' (7', 50-80 lb)

*G 6475-7 1/2' (7'5", 30-50 lb)

*G 6465XH- 6 1/2' (6'6", 30-80 lb)


Black Steel- Spinning Rods

*G 270-7'S (7', 12-20 lb)

*G 870-7'S (7', 15-25 lb)

*G 970-7'S (7', 20-30 lb)

*G 670-7'S (7', 25-40 lb)

*G 6470-7'S (7', 30-50 lb)


Black Steel- Stand Up Rods

*G 660H-6' (6', 30-60 lb)

*G 6460H-6' RS/RT (6'. 40-60 lb)

*G 655XH-5 1/2' RS/RT (5'6", 40-60 lb)


Black Steel- Stand Up Rods (All Roller Black AFTCO)

*G 660H-6 AR (6', 30-60 lb)

*G 6460XH-6 AR (6', 50-80 lb)

*G 6455XH-5 1/2' AR (5'6", 50-80 lb)

*G 6455XXH- 5 1/2' AR (5'6”, 60-100 lb)

*G 6455XXXH- 5 1/2' AR (5'6", 80-130 lb)

*G 6463XXH-6 1/4' AR (6'3", 60-100 lb)

*G 6463XXXH 6 1/4 AR (6'3", 80-130 lb)

 Black Steel Seeker

Black Steel- All Roller Uni-Butt

*G 660H-6' AR/UB  (6', 30-60 lb)

*G 6455XH 5 1/2 AR/UB Price (5'6", 50-80 lb)

*G 6460XH-6' AR/UB (6', 50-80 lb)

*G 6463XXH-6 1/4' AR/UB (6'3", 60-100 lb)

*G 6455XXH- 5' 1/2" AR/UB (5'6", 60-100 lb)

*G 6455XXXH 5' 1/2" AR/UB (5'6", 80-130 lb)

*G 6463XXXH 6' 1/4" AR/UB (6'3", 80-130 lb)

*G 6455XXXH 5' 1/2" AR/WO/UB (5'6", 80-130 lb)


Black Steel- Wind On Guides Rail Rods

*G 6455XXXH 5 1/2 AR / WO (5'6", 80-130 lb)

*G 6463XXXXH-6 1/4' AR / WO (6'3", 80-150 lb)


Black Steel- Cork Tape Rods With Turk Heads

*G 196-8' CT 8' 12-20

*G 270-8' CT 8' 12-25

*G 270H-8'CT 8' 20-30

*G 980-8'CT 8' 15-40

*G 8030-8'CT 8' 25-40

*G 6480-8' CT 8' 20-40

*G 6480H-8' CT 8' 30-50

*G 6485-8 1/2' CT 8'6" 20-40

*G 990-9' CT 9' 20-30

*G 6490-9' CT 9' 25-50

*G 6500-10' CT 10' 30-50

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