Big Bear Rods

Rob Wimberly, the founder of Big Bear rods, has a huge passion for fishing.  The result of his passion for fishing along with the need of creating something new and better gave birth to Big Bear Rods. Rob decided he would name his company after the waters he use to fish at in his youth, the Big Bear Lake.


The Big Bear Grip- Something very unique

How does Big Bear Rods plan to thrive in an industry that is saturated with so many brands? Well, the answer to that is their grip. All rod companies use either cork, EVA or hypalon. And here is where Big Bear is innovating in the fishing rod industry. The grip they have developed is the most unique you will ever feel. It’s more comfortable than cork, yet more durable than EVA and hypalon.


The grip is made in such a way that it increases your overall rod control. It lets you make long casts without sacrificing accuracy, and more powerful hook sets while maintaining its sensitivity and lightness.


The Big Bear grip is made to reduce hand and arm fatigue. You don’t have to hold the grip as tight. This will let you have longer fishing days because your arm will not be as tired.


The grip has a structure that forms a type of “channel”. This channel will prevent your hand of getting soaking wet and slipping when there is water involved (for example, when it’s raining). The water goes through the channels and end up dripping at the end of the rod.


Besides the grip, they build the rod entirely. They make everything, from rolling the blanks to assembling the rods themselves. Each one of their rods is a piece of artwork. One key point we have to touch on is that for the end product they deliver, the price is very reasonable. In our opinion, these rods could be sold nearly doubled the price.


About the blanks

The Kodiak Macro has blanks that are made of high modulus carbon fiber, resulting in superior sensitivity and lightness, with an amazing power to weight ratio. Three words describe Kodiak’s blanks: lightness, sensitivity and durability.


Zirconium Nanolite Ceramic Rings

These guides last very long and add very little weight to the rod.


New “Power” added to the list

Big Bear is the first one to include “¾ Medium” and “¾ Heavy” to the power list.

  • “¾ Medium” is between “Medium Light” and “Medium”.
  • “¾ Heavy” is between “Medium Heavy” and “Heavy”.

 Like we previously mentioned, this is exclusive to Big Bear Rods.


Top Reasons to get a Big Bear Rod:

  • Their grip is the best one you will find in the whole market.
  • The “3/4” Powers.
  • Very durable and resistant
  • They over deliver quality over price. You are getting a masterpiece at a very affordable price.
  • They are light and very sensitive.
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