Beulah Fly Rods

If you are looking for a piece of an art masterpiece, Beulah Fly Rods is the brand you are looking for. Beulah was born as a product of the love for fly fishing. One thing that we are certain about is that their fly rods are very high quality, and they are made with the best materials. Beulah has managed to build a reputation among the fly fishing community as one of the best fly rod builders.


About their team

Beulah is like a small family. If you call their offices at Oregon, it could be the owner of the company who will be taking your call. And that’s a rare seen beauty in todays world. Beulah Fly Rods is not a massive corporation with thousands of employees who couldn’t care less about their product and their customers. Beulah is quite the opposite. They are fly fishing rods and gear that is created by fly anglers. As a result, they put love and effort into the design and creation of each one of their rods. You will be astonished when you get a Beulah Fly Rod in your hands. Their rods are simply incredible. At Reel Fishermen, Beulah is our favorite brand for fly rods. We guarantee your satisfaction when you buy any of their models.


About the resin they use (IM8 Silica Nano Matrix [SNM] Resin)

The resin they use is IM8 Silica Nano Matrix (SNM) resin. This resin changes how carbon fiber performs. Long story short, this type of resin delivers a dense matrix of strength throughout the entire composite. This type of resin enables Beulah to design rods that besides being amazingly strong and long lasting,  they are lighter and they have more sensitivity.


In comparison to regular composite materials, the commonly used composite materials have lower resin stiffness. This means that they break much more easily.


In a nutshell, this resin that Beulah uses translates in much higher durability and strongness of the rod without sacrificing lightness or sensitivity.


About the reel seats they use

Depending on the model you are interested in, there are 3 reel seat designs:


G2 Platinum Reel Seat

This custom designed reel seat is made with nickel plating over anodized aluminum with titanium finish hardware, and a stabilized maple burl wood insert.

Opal Reel Seat

This custom design has Beulah’s logo engraved on both sides of the reel seat. It has a reel foot lock ring slides without spinning on tracked groove for easy reel foot placement.


About Their Guides

Beulah uses Snake guides. These guides are formed from excelent quality stainless steel. It’s consistent in the feet/inches in relation to the length for even thread wrapping. They sit flat on the rod. This will save you time from twisting and bending. Eliminate grinding and filing so you do not damage the integrity of the stainless steel and the coating.


Stripping Guides

These rods are made with the finest materials. Solid titanium, Amtac Titan ring lock guides, are inert in salt water, making them corrosion proof. Titanium is flexible, as well, allowing guide feet to bend with the rod blank This removes dead spots and results in a smoother and more precise casts.


About the grip

Beulah uses AAAA Portuguese cork grips. Portuguese is the most superior grip you will find. It’s on top on any other grip material you can think of. AAAA select cork rings are used on all grips as well as composite caps for added strength.


About Their Rod Series

Platinum G2 Series- Single Hand Rods

Sensitivity, responsiveness, and accuracy is what you need to have the best trout rod. The materials of the rod will determine the strength and lightness of the rod. The Platinum G2 Single Hand Series is made with the best graphite materials combined with their graphene resin. This combination results in an remarkably lighter and stronger rod, with the “sweet” casting feeling that Beulah is known for.


G2 Platinum Series- Spey Rods

All G2 Platinum Series are made with the most advanced technology. They are constructed using Graphene and the best innovative carbon composite engineering in the market. The result of this is a stronger hoop strength and smoother energy transfer. In a nutshell, your casts will be efficient and effortless.


G2 Platinum Series- Trout Spey Rods

If you are looking a Trout Spey Rod that you can use for covering water, prospecting for fish and electrifying big grabs when fishing trout, this rod is was made for you.


Opal Series- Single Handed Rods

Beulah took the commitment to design and produce the best saltwater fly rod and they achieved it. This rod series is superior in performance, strenght and sensitivity. Their graphite technology makes these rods light, smooth and durable.


Opal Series- Two Hander Rods

Looking for the best technique to cover water and search out fish? This rod series is the way to go. These rods are designed to load quickly and to be casted on long distances using a fraction of the effort of single hand rods. These rods are light, have an incredible accuracy, they have smooth casting, and they are strong and durable.


Platinum Series- Switch Rods

If there is one word that describes this rod series is versatility. These rods are light enough to have an amazing performance when doing an overhead cast, yet powerful enough to spey cast as long as you want.


Platinum Series- Spey Rods

These rods offer a traditional flex pattern which loads deep into the butt section. The fast tapper recovery ensures accurate tracking. This rod will be light like a feather when it’s in your hand.


Platinum Series-T Single Hand Rods

To make this rod series, Beulah grabbed the best elements of all of their fly rods created until current date, and incorporated into the design of this rod. This is their best single hand rod currently available (and one of the bests in the market).


Guide Series ll Rods

Each GSII fly rod is designed individually to match the blanks size, power and action with technique and environment and fish. This rod series is affordable. Non the less, it does drop in quality. The Guide Series ll is beautiful, compressed, bullet-shaped loops form no matter your casting style.

Top Reasons to get a Beulah Fly Rod:

  • Designed by fly anglers. They know exactly what you need.
  • Extremely strong and durable.
  • Their unique IM8 Silica Nano Matrix.
  • Their AAAA cork grip. 
  • Their guides.
  • Their custom reel seats.
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