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Ardent- Spinning and Baitcasting Reels


Ardent Outdoors: Spinning and Casting Reels


Ardent is an American owned company that manufactures freshwater fishing tackle, having as their mission to deliver the highest quality at the lowest price. You will find that their reels deliver quality and they are very affordable.


What makes these reels stand out?

One thing that stands out of every reel model from this brand is the aesthetics. These reels are simply gorgeous. They are light, perform great and they have the perfect size to be as comfortable as a reel can be.



Light Weight

There are 2 things that Ardent’s reels are known for. One of them is their lightness. They are very light, you will be surprised. This is important becauese it makes it easy to cast and easy to carry them. You will hardly get tired.


Casting Distance

These reels cast far. The casting distance is one of the biggest qualities of any of Ardent’s reels.



These reels can take a beating. They are very resistant. Your reel will last for a long time.


Pricepoint vs performance

Ardent manages to manufacture reels that perform amazingly, while keeping the prices affordable to the public.


Top reasons to get a baitcasting reel from Ardent:

  • Very lightweight
  • They have the perfect size and are very comfortable
  • Great casting distance
  • They provide smooth casts
  • They are affordable
  •  They perform great
  • They are durable. Your reel will last for a long time.
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