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5 Kayaks That Will Fit In Your Car

5 Kayaks That Will Fit In Your Car

If you clicked on this article, chances are you want to buy a kayak (either now or at some point in the future), but you have a problem with logistics: the kayak has to fit in your car. You don’t have a pick up truck or some type of larger vehicle to transport it, you don’t want to strap it on the top of your car because you don’t want to take the risk of damaging your car and/or it’s simply too complicated, and buying a roof rack it’s too expensive. We acknowledged this problem and decided to provide a solution. In this article, we will present you 5 kayaks that will fit in your car (or any other vehicle).


The best kayaks to fit any car are folding kayaks and inflatable kayaks. 6 foot kayaks and smaller will also fit a medium sized car, but unless you are looking for a playboat kayak, this length range will not fit your needs. If you are a tall person, a 6 ft kayak is not an option.


When it comes to buying any watercraft, you have to think of everything, including how you are going to transport it. At the end of the day, you are making an investment. In this article, we will present you our top picks for kayaks that will fit inside any car. We made sure to include different type of kayaks: recreational kayaks, fishing kayaks and even touring kayaks. With that being said, let’s into it! Before we jump into our top picks, we want to quickly go over some topics that will be helpful for you.



What are type of kayaks will fit inside your car?

Like we just mentioned, foldable, inflatable and 6 foot kayaks and shorter will fit your car. Let’s go over some of the advantages and disadvantages of each one of these.


Type of kayaks that fit in your car #1: Folding Kayaks 

There are several advantages of folding kayaks. Besides being able to fit in your car, they are also a great option if you live in an apartment. Since they are very compact, they are easily stored.

Another advantage of folding kayaks is that they are very durable. They will definitely not be as durable as a rotomolded polyethylene kayak, but they are still very durable (more than inflatable kayaks).

Folding kayaks are lighter than inflatable kayaks. One draw back is that it involves a set up, but it’s usually simple (no more than 20 minutes).


Folding kayaks are as close as you can get to normal rigid kayaks.  Folding kayaks are lighter than inflatable kayaks. Besides being lighter, you don’t have to be carrying a pump in comparison to inflatable kayaks.


When it comes to storage, folding kayaks definitely are a winner when comparing them to inflatable kayaks. Folding kayaks are much more stable than inflatable kayaks.


They are not as resistant to impact as inflatable kayaks, although it’s compensated by the fact that they have better performance, tracking and speed.


There is a wide variety of prices for folding kayaks.

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Will a foldable kayak fit your car?

Yes, it’s a great option that will easily fit any car or vehicle.


Type of kayaks that fit in your car #2: Inflatable Kayaks

It’s the most common option you will find out there.  One advantage of inflatable kayaks is that there is very little to no setup involved (except inflating the kayak with some kind of pump). Carrying a pump can be a burden at times, specially if there is a long walk from your car to the water. This is just a small drawback.


Generally speaking, inflatable kayaks are heavier than folding kayaks. Once again, this will be an issue if you have to walk a long distance from your car to the water.


Inflatable kayaks float more on the water. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something good, as it means that they are slower and don’t have the best tracking.


One big advantage of inflatable kayaks is that they are very resistant when impacting any rock or solid item. They are even more resistant than most rigid kayaks!


Will an inflatable kayak fit your car?

Yes, it’s a great option that will easily fit any car or vehicle.


Type of kayaks that fit in your car #3: 6 ft Rigid Kayaks Or Shorter (Playboat Kayaks)

What we have to say about this is simple: if you are going to do kayak playboating, and if you have the size to fit in one of these, get one. Otherwise, this should not be an option for you. You will find some 6 ft kayaks or shorter for kids, but… well, it’s likely that you don’t have the size of a kid.


Will a 6 ft kayak fit your car?

You will struggle but you can make it fit.


We will rule this option out in this blog post because the chances of it meeting your needs are low.


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Inflatable vs Folding Kayak…


This topic deserves it’s own blog post, but generally speaking, folding kayaks are a better option for a kayak that fits your car. They are the closest you will get to a regular plastic kayak. We are not saying inflatable kayaks are bad options, we are simply saying that folding kayaks perform better.


The only feature that inflatable kayaks have over folding kayaks is that they are much more resistant to impact.


Depending on the folding kayak model, they could take more time to set up than inflatable kayaks.


Ok, we covered the basics. We thought mentioning these things would be useful for you (hopefully it is!). Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive into this! Here are our top picks of kayaks that will fit in your car:


Top 5 Kayaks That Will Fit Any Car


Kayaks That Fit In Your Car: Full Stealth Sea Kayak by Aqua Xtreme- Folding Sea Kayak

Full Stealth Sea Kayak by Aqua Xtreme- Transparent folding kayak that fits in your car

The aesthetics of this beauty is unbelievable. The Full Stealth Folding Sea Kayak is the first transparent sea folding kayak in the whole world. Like any other folding kayak, it’s designed to be compact and fit a bag (the bag is included, and its dimensions are 7" x 37" x 20"). This folding sea kayak is 15 ft long, and it’s also very light. It only weighs 33 lbs.


What about the assembly?

The assembly of the Full Stealth Sea Kayak is fairly quick. It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to put it together.



There are several reasons why we like this kayak. One of the main ones is aesthetics. The design of this kayak is modern and different. The combination of black and transparent along with its nice curves will make you fall in love with it. Even before entering the water, it will stand out among all other kayaks.

Full Stealth Sea Kayak by Aqua Xtreme- Transparent folding kayak that fits in your car- SIDE VIEW

About the materials it’s made with

The technology of the materials this kayak uses is amazing. It’s another huge plus of why this kayak make it to this list. It uses 6061-T6 aluminum/magnesium alloy, the same materials that is used on the aircraft industry. It’s more than obvious that this kayak is very durable. It’s also very resistant to corrosion.


Very lightweight

It has reinforced skin made with a material that is very strong, but at the same time, very lightweight. So, strong, durable and light.


Compact size

Like we previously mentioned, it has very compact dimensions when folded. It will be very easy to take in the trunk of your car, and it will also be easy to store. It’s also a great option in case you want to go camping, as it will be easy to carry around.


You can upgrade with a Carbon Fiber fram, which makes the kayak lighter, stronger, harder and requires less mantainance.


Why do we recommend the Full Stealth Kayak? Why did it make it to this list?

  • Aesthetics
  • High quality materiales that provide lightness and durability
  • Not complicated to setup
  • Compact when folded, which besides not taking too much space in your car, makes it easy to carry around.
  • First transparent folding sea kayak in the market.


What’s included when you buy this kayak?

▪ 1 Piece PVC hull/deck

▪ Aluminum Frame

▪ Polycarbonate Ribs

▪ Storage Cord

▪ Urethane Seat 

▪ 2 x Footrests

▪ 2 x Floatation Bladders

▪ Bag

▪ Instruction Manual



Full Stealth Sea Kayak by Aqua Xtreme- Transparent folding kayak that fits in your car


  • Length / Beam: 15ft / 25" 4.5m / 63cm


  • Height:13" / 32 cm


  • Weight:33lbs / 16 kg


  • Cockpit Size: 31" x 19" / 70cm x 48cm


  • Max Load:319lbs / 165 kg


  • Bag Dimensions: 7" x 37" x 20"/ 175cm x 98cm x 50cm






Kayaks That Fit In Your Car: Puffin Saco And Saranac by Pakboats- Folding Fishing Kayak


If you are looking for a fishing kayak, this is a great option. The top decks of this folding kayak are removable. This is extremely convenient, because you can take them off when you are fishing and you will have the freedom of movement you have on a SOT fishing kayak, and if you want to paddle from one spot to another, you can put the decks back on so you you won’t get wet. The removable decks also come handy for packing more gear into the kayak, you will have more space to do so. The decks are sold separately.


The Puffin kayaks are very lightweight, which adds to the fact that it will be easier to carry around.


It folds, it fits in your car but… how complicated is it to assemble?

If you follow the instructions and maybe one of the tutorials available on youtube, assembly won’t be a problem. If you try to figure things out on your own, then you will have a hard time. Follow the instructions and you will be fine. Compared to the options we are presenting in this article, this kayak is probably the one that requires the most effort when it comes to assembly.


How compact is it? Will it fit in the trunk of your car?

Yes, it will. When folded, this kayak is the size of a gym bag. It’s also incredibly usefull when storing it, specially if you live in an apartment.


What about the structure?

It’s conformed by the skin, the frames and the inflatable tubes.  The skin is made of strong fabric. Don’t worry about the stress points, as they are strengthened and will last for a very long time. The frame is made of anodized aluminum, which makes the frame corrosion resistant, and very firm and durable. The inflatable tubes are located on the sides, between the skin and the frame and they are responsible for flotation.


Does it track well?

It tracks ok, but it’s not one of this kayak’s strengths. We do suggest getting a rudder blade to improve tracking. With the rudder, tracking will be great.


Great Seat

It is very comfortable. Each one of them has an inflatable bladder for thigh support, which will enhance comfort. They also have a 3D woven mesh which will allow air circulation.

Removable Deck (Sold Separately)

Take the removable deck off when you are going to fish and/or you simply need more space for movement. Put it back on if you need more protection and you want to prevent water from getting into the kayak. This versatility is something unique about Pakboat kayaks. The removable deck is sold separately.

Removable Deck


Why do we recommend the Puffin Saco (Single) and the Puffin Saranac (Tandem)?

  • It has a very good compact size when folded.
  • Despite being foldable, it performs very well. It’s a very good option, specially for fishing.
  • Optional removable decks available (Sold separately).
  • Very lightweight, which makes it easy to move around with.
  • Similar response to plastic kayaks.
  • Very well made and solid structure.



Puffin Saco:



  • Model: Solo


  • Beam: 26 in/ 66 cm 


  • Depth: 10 in/25 cm 


  • Weight: 20 lbs/9.1 kg


  • Length: 12.5 ft/130 kg


  • Packed Bag Size: 28 in x 16 in x 12 in


  • Removable Decks (Sold Separately)




Puffin Saranac:


  • Model: Tandem 


  • Beam: 27 in/68 cm


  • Depth: 10 in/25 cm


  • Weight: 29 lbs/13.2 kg 


  • Length: 15.5 ft/480 cm 


  • Capacity: 400 lbs/180 kg 


  • Packed Bag Size: 28 in x 16 in x 12 in


  • Removable Decks (Sold Separately)





Kayaks That Fit In Your Car: K-Pack by The Folding Boat Co.- Fishing, Hunting and Recreational Folding Kayak


This one is a must have. It’s 21 lbs and the coolest feature about this: it’s ready to go in 5 minutes or less. The setup is extra simple and quick. When folded, it can fit into a backpack. Besides being ideal for fitting in your car and storing it even in the smallest apartment, the price of this folding kayak is very friendly. It’s portable, performs great, it’s made with great materials, it’s very quick and simple to assemble and it can be used for multiple things (fishing, sightseeing, hunting, etc.).


This folding kayak is versatile, durable and comfortable to operate.


The K-Pak vs Other Folding Kayaks

The K-Pak has 2 advantages over most (if not all) folding boats in the market: the price is very accessible, and it’s very easy to set up. This kayak was made with adventure and traveling in mind. It was made so you can keep it with you all the time (it’s very light) and take it anywhere.


About the design

The K-Pak uses a pattented structure made of aluminum frame that pops open and locks into place in just a few seconds. The lower part of this frame is attached to and nest between 4 independent air tubes that run the length of the kayak. When you inflate the air tubes with the pump, you will feel all of the air tubes fill out at the same time. This allows all of the tubes to have the same amount of air when inflated every time you put air in them. The air tubes also provide shock absorption and flotation.



This kayak uses custom made polyesther fabric with high tenacity polyester scrim. This folding kayak will definitely last for a while.


Compact and Light

This kayak is very compact. You will even be able to put some clothes or gear inside it when it’s on it’s folded (it comes with it’s own backpack). You can travel with it wherever you want, and it won’t be bulky to fit in your car. Storage will be extremely easy.




Three words: simple fast and easy! It's one of the biggest advantages of this kayak. The aluminum frame is already inside the kayak skin, which makes it very easy to set up. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to set it up.



The seats

All we can say about the seats of the K-Pak is that they are extremely comfortable. This will allow you to be longer periods of time on the water.



It has great stability. You can use it for fishing, exploring, nature photography or paddling. You can be confident that it’s a stable kayak.

K- Pak Camo Cover (Ideal For Hunting!)

This is an optional upgrade. If you are looking something that will also perform for hunting, this is it!  This Camo Cover is perfect for hunting duck. This add on will let you go from a recreational kayaker to an serious hunter, letting you camouflage wit your sorroundings.  



Why Should you get a K-Pak?

  • Easy and quick 5 minute (or less) assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Accessible price
  • Versatile (you can use it for different things like fihsing, paddling, etc.)
  • If bought with camouflage cover, it’s perfect for hunting as well.




  • Model: Single


  • Length: 9'-3"


  • Beam width: 30"


  • Weight: 21 lbs.


  • Set up: 4-5 minutes


  • 280 pound displacement


  • Ergonomic design


  • Frame folds up inside skin


  • Stores in its own backpack, (included)


  • Optional camouflage covers (sold separately)




Kayaks That Fit In Your Car: Explorer ll Stealth by Aqua Xtreme- Inflatable Kayak

Full Stealth Sea Kayak by Aqua Xtreme- Transparent folding kayak that fits in a car- top view

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, we lean more towards folding kayaks instead of inflatable kayaks. With that being said, that does not mean an inflatable kayak is a bad option. For this reason, we want to give you our top pick for inflatable kayaks, and that would be the Explorer ll by Aqua Xtreme.


Two things describe this inflatable kayak: durability and lightness. This is possible thanks to the materials it’s made of (TPU fabric). TPU fabric is great for resisting impacts.  



The "Explorer" kayaks are a durable and lightweight unlike PVC inflatable kayaks. These boats are high-performing, versatile, while maintaining comfort and stability offering good storage capacity and suitable for all skill level paddlers.


Hackley Roberts Air Valves

Thanks to these valves, it’s very easy, hassle-free and quick to inflate and deflate your kayak. You will be able to do it in ten minutes or less.


You can use the Explorer ll on rough waters, lakes or rivers.

Full Stealth Sea Kayak by Aqua Xtreme- Transparent folding kayak that fits in a car- top view

The "Explorer" is constructed with reinforced TPU fabric (Floor, Chambers,Hull, Seat and Deck)and features fully adjustable backrest seats, tracking skeg and a durable i-beam floor for stability. With the Hakley Roberts air valves throughout , it's easy to rapidly inflate and deflate the boat in less than ten minutes. The Explorer is designed and constructed for use in rough water, on lakes, or rivers.


Features and Specifications

  • Super durable TPU fabric


  • Adjustable and removable TPU foam padded backrest


  • D Ring Storage Deck points


  • Multiple chambers


  • Handles on side Chambers


  • Linear tracking skeg


  • D Rings Connectors


  • Valve connector


  • Capacity: 2 person


  • Air chambers: 2+2


  • Dimensions: 4.20 m x 90cm


  • Packed dimensions: 85 x 45 x 45 cm


  • 3 PSI – Pressure Release Valves (Working Pressure 2.5 PSI)- Tubes/Floor


  • Max load: 230kg


  • Drain valves Self Bailing : 2 at back +2 at rear


  • Weight: 8.2kg




Consider getting a packraft

A packraft can fit anywhere: on a bicycle, or even on a fanny bag! To give you an idea, when packed, it's about 13 inches. If you want to go to the extreme when it comes to saving space, consider this option. In comparison to a kayak, they are lightweight and small, and they perform at their best in remote rivers. Their weak point is when they are used to paddle long distances. On the other hand, they are friendly to your wallet. You can check some of our packrafts by clicking here. 


Transportation of a kayak is something to be considered. We hope this article helped you out. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below, or contact us on the live chat, email or even by phone! We will get back to you as soon as we can.


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