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Bass Fishing 6 Rod System (You Must Have These 6 Rods)

Bass Fishing 6 Rod System (You Must Have These 6 Rods)

If you are researching what rods for bass fishing you really need, but you are overwhelmed with so many options and variations, you came to the perfect spot! This article is a great starting point for someone who is new to fishing and is going to add the first rods to his/her new arsenal.


This bass fishing rod system consists of these 6 rods:


Rod Features Purpose of the rod
Between 7' and 7’6” Heavy Power, Fast Action, Casting Flipping, Pitching, Punching, Frogging, Jigging
Between 6'9" and 7' Medium Power, Fast Action, Casting Topwaters, Jerkbaits
7’ Medium Power, Moderate Action, Casting Crankbaits
Between 7' and 7’6" Medium-Heavy Power, Fast Action, Casting Carolina Rigs, Jigs, Texas Rigs
7’ Medium-Heavy Power, Moderate Action, Casting Spinnerbaits, Vibrating and Swim Jigs
Between 6'7" and 7' Medium Power, Fast Action, Spinning
    Shakey Heads, Drop Shots, Lightweight Plastics (most finesse techniques)


    We will go through this bass fishing 6 rod system with specific rod suggestions. These 6 rods will have you covered on most situations. You will be able to do many different fishing patterns, in almost any weather conditions, seasons, and for many different fish species. If you are looking into getting your first rods for bass fishing, these suggestions will be a great starting point.


    These rods are only suggestions...

    It's important to emphasize that these rods are only suggestions. Take them as a starting point. The length and power of the rod for a specific use may very from person to person. You will find out what best works for you with trial and error. With that being said, these 6 rods are used as a complete system by experienced anglers. It's a good starting point, but you will have to go through some trial and error to find the perfect lengths, power and actions that work for you.  

    Although we feature specific models and brands that we think are the best fit, feel free to choose the brand/model of your preference. Just make sure you follow the recommendations for the length, power and action of the rod. The goal of this article is to get you the proper equipment so you can perform at your best.


    Once you have a functional bass fishing rod system in place and will become a better angler, we suggest that you slowly go adding technique-specific rods. In other words, you will be adding rods to your arsenal that are made for a very specific type of situations. But the rods that are suggested in this article are the main ones, the pilar, the ones you will be using most of the time.


    Since these are only suggestions, the features of the rod don't have to be an exact match.


    All 6 rods in 1 bundle

    If you are just starting out and you would like to get all 6 rods, at the end of the article you will find a bundle with all 6 rods at a reasonable price (if you wish, you can get them with their matching reels).


    With that being said, let’s get into it. They are going to be 5 casting rods and 1 spinning rod. These are the 6 rods for bass fishing you need:



    The first rod for this bass fishing rod system is going to be a between a 7' and 7’6” Heavy Power, Fast Action Casting Rod. You are going to use it for flipping, pitching, punching, and frogging.

    • Between 7' and 7’6” Heavy, Fast, Casting


    What reel should you pair it with?

    Pair it with a 7.X:1 gear ratio reel. The Apex Grand by Ardent is the perfect fit for this.


    Our rod suggestion: 

    Kodiak Macro by Big Bear Rods


    Big Bear Rods is a great option where you will get a lot more than what you are paying for, the quality of these rods is just incredible and the price is very reasonable. Here are some features that make these rods unique:


    The Grip

    The grip is designed so you can increase your control over the rod. It is made in such a way that it allows you to make longer casts with increased accuracy and more powerfull hooksets without sacrificing sensitivity or making the rod heavier.


    The Blank

    Using 3 types of different types of high modulus carbon fiber. You are going to have very light and sensitive blanks with incredible power to weight ratio.


    The Reel Seats

    They are designed to provide you maximum blank exposure and sensitivity. It uses tournament proven 100% graphite seats so your reel will never slip. It’s also very light.



    • Length: 7’3”  
    • Power: Heavy
    • Action: Fast






    The second rod you will need fora functional bass fishing rod system will be between 6’9” and 7' Medium Power, Extra Fast Action Casting Rod. This one is going to be for your topwaters and jerkbaits.


    • Between 6'9" and 7' Medium Power, Fast Action, Casting


    What reel should you pair it with?

    Pair it with a 6.X:1 gear ratio reel. The Perseus by Piscifun baitcasting reel is the best fit for this one.


    This rod is the perfect match:


    Expert Jerkbait Kelley Jaye by ALX Rods


    This rod gives an amazing platform for presenting jerkbaits from 90 to 130 sizes. The short handle and in general, the length of the rod will prevent you to hit the deck or slap your forearm while working a bait. The rod has an 80/20 tip which will allow you to work a bait without big and exhausting strokes.



    • Line: 8 – 18#
    • Lure: 3/8 – 3/4 oz
    • Length: 6’9″
    • Power: Medium +
    • Action: Fast





    The third must-have bass fishing rod is a 7’ Medium Heavy Power, Moderate Action Casting Rod. You are going to use this one for your crankbaits.

    • 7’ Medium Power, Moderate Action, Casting


    What reel should you pair it with?

    Pair it with a 5.X:1 gear ratio reel. The Torrent by Piscifun baitcasting reel is a great option we recommend.


    This is our rod suggestion for you:


    WCB71MMF GEN 3 Cranking Blended Graphite by FX


    If you had to describe this rod with 3 words, they would be quality, precision and performance. This rod is light, sensitive and strong. It’s worth noting that the Titanium Series also made it to our Best Medium Heavy Casting Rods list.


    About the rod blank

    One of the most unique things about this rod is the blank. The blank is manufactured by FX Rods themselves. This makes them unique, and they are also patented. The material that they are made with (Japanese Toray Fabric) provides you with a very lightweight, sensitive and durable rod. Most rod brands typically bulk buy rod blanks and then they rebrand them.


    The Reel Seat

    It’s made with only graphite. It has a pass through design that allows your finger to be in direct contact with the blank so you can have greater control. This will also allow you to feel more bites (enhanced sensitivity).


    The Guide Lines

    It has Fuji K-Frame Corrosion Control, which are one of the best ones on the market (and they are exclusive to FX Rods). These guides are 7 times more resistant to corrosion than regular stainless steel. Huge plus for this rod.


    WINN Grip

    This rod has a Winn grip. Winn technology provides tackiness to the grip, even when there is water involved and/or the weather is cold. This grip will reduce arm fatigue when holding the rod and increases rod control. Winn grip is one of the best options out there.



    • Power Rating: 182g
    *Weight required to deflect rod tip 16 inches.
    • Line Rating: 8 - 12 lbs
    • Lure Rating: 3/16 - 5/8 oz




    The fourth rod for bass fishing you have to have is anywhere between 7’ and 7'6" Medium Heavy Power, Moderate or Fast Action Casting Rod. The purpose of this rod is for Texas Rigs and Jigs.

    • Between 7' and 7’6" Medium Heavy Power, Fast Action, Casting


    What reel should you pair it with?

     Pair it with a 6.X:1 gear ratio reel. The Apex Grand by Ardent is the perfect fit for this.


    We recommend this rod:


    ZOLO Deputy by ALX Rods Casting Rod


    Generally speaking, a Medium Heavy Fast Action rod is the perfect all- around rod. But besides that, this rod will be perfect your Texas Rigs and Jigs. It’s a key piece of this system.



    • Line: 10 - 18#
    • Lure: 1/4 - 1 oz
    • Length: 7'1"
    • Power: Medium Heavy
    • Action: Fast
    • Average Rod Weight: 4.3 oz
    • Handle Length: 10" (End of butt to back of reel seat)
    • Number of Guides: 10





    The fifth rod for bass fishing you will need is a 7’ Medium Heavy Power, Moderate or ModFast Action Casting Rod. This rod will be for your Spinnerbaits, vibrating and swimming jigs.

    • 7’ Medium Heavy Power, Moderate Action, Casting


    What reel should you pair it with?

     Pair it with a 6.X:1 gear ratio reel. The Apex Elite by Ardent is the perfect fit for this.


    This is our rod suggestion for you:



    If you are looking for a rod that is extraordinarily strong, and at the same time, sensitive and accurate, the Vexan Bass Pro is something you should look into. Something worth noticing is that it has a very good backbone without sacrificing sensitivity. The backbone these rods have is indestructible and the tips are flexible and sensitive.


    This rod will be the perfect fit for your spinnerbaits, Spinnerbaits, Vibrating and Swim Jigs.






      The sixth and last rod you really need in your arsenal to go bass fishing is between 6'7" and 7’ Medium Power Fast Action Spinning Rod. It’s going to be for shaky heads, drop shots, lightweight plastics or light jerkbaits and topwaters. This will be for your finesse techniques.

      • Between 6'7" and 7' Medium Power, Fast Action, Spinning


      What reel should you pair it with?

      Pair it with a 5.X:1 gear ratio reel (3000 size). The 5.2:1 Flame Spinning Reel Size 3000 by Piscifun is the perfect fit for this.


      Our rod suggestion for you: 

      Kodiak Spinning by Big Bear Rods


      This rod has upgraded line guides and blanks. It uses many types of high modulus carbon fiber and a small amount of fiberglass that ends up in an extremely light and sensitive blank. Its ceramic rings are incredibly hard and durable. It is designed to handle all super lines and saltwater.



      • 7’
      • Medium Power
      • Fast Action




      If you are looking to get started with fishing and you would like to start with these 6 rods, we have bundled them up for you at a reasonable price. Please don’t buy this bundle if you are testing out whether or not you like this sport, or if you are not sure if you will be into fishing in the long run. If that is the case, our suggestion is to get a generic spincast rod/reel combo and play around with that, that should do the trick and it will be much more inexpensive.


      We highly suggest this bundle if you are 100% sure you are going into this sport in the long run. Even if you are a weekend or occasional angler, this bundle will be a great one-time investment.


      Inside the bundle, you will have an option to include the matching reels for each rod, in case you want to include them.

      Rod Bundle For Bass Fishing- 6 Rods




      Some of the basics...


      Parts Of A Rod

      Before we get into what bass fishing rods are absolutely essential for any angler, let’s get into some details of what are the parts of a rod and what variants and different materials these can have.


      Types Of Grip

      There are two types of grip: once piece vs split grip. As a side note, there is no good or bad one, it’s just a matter of personal preference.


      One Piece Grip

      • It's ideal for bigger fish.
      • It’s a better option if you are using both hands to hold and/or cast the rod, it will give you more leverage and power.
      • You will find it more often on heavier weight rods.


      Split Grip

      • It’s the most common one.
      • It makes the rod lighter and it gives it a better balance.
      • It reduces the price of the rod, making it more affordable (doesn’t mean it reduces quality).
      • Makes the rod visually aesthetic.



      Types of grip materials

      There are two types of materials. Eva Foam Grip and cork grip. Basically, one performs better but the other one lasts much longer and is much more resistant. Let’s get into it in more detail:


      EVA Foam Grip

      • Also known as Duplon.
      • It's a less-pricey material, which impacts on the final price of the rod, making it more affordable.
      • It lasts longer and it’s much more resistant (great if you are planning on putting the rod in a rod holder for long periods of time).
      • They are easier to clean. You can use detergent on them without damaging them.


      Cork Grip

      • It’s lighter.
      • They are less cold when touching if you are in cold weather.
      • They have lower damping capacity. This translates in better vibration transmission AKA more sensitivity. They are 3 times more sensitive.
      • It’s less slippery.


      In conclusion, if you are willing to put some extra effort into taking care of your rod, go for the cork handle.



      A fishing blank is, in a simplified way, the rod part excluding the grip, handle, reel seat, etc.


      There are 2 different materials that they can be built with:  graphite and fiberglass (or a combination of both)


      Graphite Rod Blanks

      This material provides lightness and hardness, delivering a very sensitive rod, which is great for smaller fish. The downside of this material is that it can be broken more easily if not treated correctly.


      There is a term called “modulus”, which you will often hear. It basically refers to the level of hardness of the graphite that was used to build the blank. High modulus = high stiffness/hardness.


      Fiberglass Rod Blanks

      They are very thick. This means that it will give you much less sensitivity but will provide a lot more strength, hardness, and durability to your rod (it will be harder for it to break). This is great for larger fish.


      Composite Rod Blanks (Fiberglass + Graphite)

      This is where it’s at. The combination of both of these materials is perfect to give the rod the sensitivity and strength ratio that it needs, depending on what lure the rod is made for. Most bass rods fall into this category.


      Rod Guides

      Their primary function is to guide the line down the shaft of the rod when you are casting. It also supports the line on the rod to evenly distribute the stress.


      Power of the rod

      The power of a rod simply refers to the amount of force that it takes for the rod to bend/flex. In other words, you could say that it refers to how stiff or flexible a rod is. This leads to 3 very important things:


      1. The heavier the lure is, the heavier the power of your rod has to be.
      2. Lighter lines have to go with lighter power rods.
      3. The heavier the cover or the denser the vegetation is where you are fishing, the heavier the power of the rod is going to have to be.


      You will usually find these options when it comes to Power: Extra Heavy, Heavy, Medium Heavy, Medium, Medium Light, Light, Ultra Light. You can also find heavier rods (XX Heavy and even more!), but those usually are for larger fish and/or deep-sea rods. Here is an infographic of how the rod (represented by the lines) behave and bend in relation to the Power:

      Power Of A Rod Infographic- Bass Fishing Rods

      *Image taken from Big Bear Rods. 3/4 Heavy and 3/4 Medium Powers are exclusive to Big Bear Rods


      Action of the rod

      The action of the rod refers to how close to the tip the rod is going to bend. The faster the action, the closer to the tip the bend will be.


      We hope we helped you out at least a little bit with this article. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, our goal is to help you become a better angler.  


      If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch or leave a comment! 


      “Reel Fishermen can tackle anything they want”.



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