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Spinnerbaits In The Summer: A Big-No Or A No-Brainer?

Spinnerbaits In The Summer: A Big-No Or A No-Brainer?

If you are wondering if you should use spinnerbaits in the summer, make sure you read this article until the end. Like you, I was also wondering about using spinnerbaits in summertime. In this article, I will share everything learned. Hopefully, I can answer all the questions you might have.


Spinnerbaits can be used during the summer in daytime, but they are not the best option. Square bills are a better option for this. For night fishing during summertime, spinnerbaits are the best option.


Some anglers claim that spinnerbaits are better during the summer, and others claim that there are much better options. But there is more to it than just seasonality. Other factors of where you are fishing at especially the weather and wind conditions. With this being said, let’s get into this and try to see the whole picture in an objective and unbiased way.


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Why spinnerbaits are not such a great idea to use in daytime during the summer

Let’s go to the most basic premise: spinnerbaits perform at their best on cloudy and windy days. Those are pretty opposite of what you will find in summer. In summer, on most places, it’s hot and sunny. The water temperature is high, which is a factor that plays against the spinnerbait.


With that being said, there are specific situations where a spinnerbait could be your best option in the summer, during daytime.


If the lake where you are fishing at has parts where it is too muddy during springtime, and in summer it clears out a little bit (enough to be fished), then a spinnerbait is your best friend in that situation. Let’s remember than spinnerbaits are not a natural looking bait, thus, they are best used in murky water.


Think about what a spinnerbait is. Spinnerbaits imitate some type of bait fish. That’s why they are best used in windy and cloudy days and on murky water.


Although spinnerbaits are best used in spring and fall, they are considered an all year round lure. They are very versatile, and there are many ways you can set it up for different situations.


My personal suggestion for fishing in summer, when the water temperature is sky high, is to warm up a square bill. You basically move the squarebill with the tip of the rod, moving it up and down, as if you were fishing a worm. What you are looking for is a reaction bite. You might have to cast to the same spot a few times for it to work. I found this great video from Wired2Fish that explains it very well:


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A few tips for fishing a spinnerbait in the day during summertime

If you think throwing a spinnerbait in day time is a good idea, then take into consideration this small tips I gathered:

*Throw a spinnerbait on the places where you wouldn’t throw a squarebill for fear of losing it.

*You can also try and find spots where there is shadow. The water is cooler and bass like to hide in shady cover. Try casting spinnerbaits on those areas. Make sure you are casting to objects like tree branches, bullrushes, etc.


Check out this video. It will give you a few more tips for fishing spinnerbaits in the summer:


Another quick hack for fishing spinnerbaits during the summer

Another option for fishing spinnerbaits during the summer is hitting the water early in the morning. And when I say early, I really mean it. Go one or two hours before the sun starts to rise and starts heating up the water and weather. I would say to plan your trip in a way that by 8 am or 9 am, you are ready to go home, or start fishing another bait (cough, cough, squarebills).


What about night fishing during summertime?

This is the best fix for all the bites you didn’t get during daytime. In fact, it could be one of the best times of the year to catch big bass. Think about it this way: it’s cooler and there is far less boat traffic, which will make it easier to get some bites. And a spinnerbait is ideal for this because you can cover a lot of water and different depths with this bait.


If you are into tournaments, you can easily find night time tournaments near you with ease, especially if you are located in the south. The biggest bass feed during summer night time. The best time to do it is between 9 pm to 3 am.


Recommended spinnerbait for night fishing in summertime

The Colorado Blade Spinnerbait is your best bet. If not, the second best option is the Indiana Blades. Go for golden color. The thump of the blade is the key. Bass will recognize the vibrations from them with their lateral lines. Make sure you slow role this bait at night so bass can feel the thump.


When it comes to head designs, the one that will excel with this bait at night in the summer is the rounded head. Rounded heads will be your first choice. They work great around rock wood and grass. Two alternative choices to this are the minnow head and the spade head. Although, try to stick to the rounded head, it’s the most versatile.


When it comes to the hook, using longer shanked hooks is recommended. When choosing the size for it, size it logically to the size of the trailer. As a broad reference, about 4/0 should be good.


Go for a a dark colored skirt. It will create a silhouette, which is what you want. It’s pretty straight forward here unless it’s full moon.


About the techniques, the one II’ve seen that anglers commonly use is steady retrieve, which consists of slow retrieving the spinnerbait, and occasionaly stopping to keep the bait at the bottom.


I took some information from this video. Make sure you check it out. It will expand your understanding in this whole topic:



Trailer hooks are important, especially in the summer

Trailer hooks are important specially when using them for this bait in the summer. Day or night, it’s a must. It will be common that fish short-strike your bait and you lose a lot of bites. You will increase the amount of bass you land if you rig a trailer hook to your spinnerbait.


Final tips

Make sure you check out our blog post about tips for bass fishing at night. It’s going to help you tons. You can check it out here.


On the other hand, I wanted to share this last resource. Be sure to check it out, it talks about the best moments of when to use a spinnerbait:



That’s all I have to share with you about this topic. I really hope it helped you out and you don’t have any questions left. As always, our goal is to help you become a better angler. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, make sure to leave them on the comments below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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