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Does the color of a kayak affect fishing? Does color matter?

Does the color of a kayak affect fishing? Does color matter?

If you are looking for a fishing kayak and you are wondering if you can get any color you like, or if the color of the kayak will affect your fishing in any way, then you came to the perfect place! We did the research for you and we want to share what we found.  


The color of a kayak does not affect fishing. The factors to consider when choosing the color of a fishing kayak should be based on safety. If safety is not an issue because of where the kayak will be used, then choosing on a personal preference and aesthetics is totally valid. Some anglers claim that bright colors such as yellow, green and orange (as well as Camo in clear water) are the best color options and might attract fish, although we do not support this posture. The only color that might spook fish is white. Bright colored kayaks do not scare fish.


Buying a fishing kayak is an investment. It’s not the biggest investment, but still, if you are going to spend a few hundred or couple of thousand of dollars on one, you should take a deep look into every aspect you can think of. Color is one of them.  With this being said, let’s get into it!






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Does the color of a kayak affect fishing negatively?

The straight answer to this is no. There is a reason for this which we will discuss further ahead, but fish do not get scared or spooked away by the color of your kayak.  


There is only one exception to this, and it will depend on where you are at, how murky the water is and the fish species that you are fishing for. The exception to this rule is white, and the reason for this is that the bottom of a fish tends to be white in most situations, so fish think that there is a much bigger fish above them. The evidence for this is not conclusive, so a better word for white for a fishing kayak is “might”. White might spook away some fish or affect your fishing negatively.


Some anglers claim that bright colors might affect your fishing and spook fish away in crystal clear water. We don’t support this posture, but we are laying it out here so you can form your own opinion. We will discuss why we think bright colors on crystal clear water don’t affect your fishing.



Color Of The Hull vs Color Of The Whole Kayak

If you suspect that for whatever reasons the color of your kayak does affect your fishing, then consider this factor. The color of the hull is the one that fish will be exposed to. So, if you to pay attention to the color, consider only the color of the bottom of your kayak. The rest of the color of the kayak should be chosen on safety factors (which we will discuss further ahead).


Does the color of a kayak affect fishing positively?

Our posture for this topic is that the color of your fishing kayak does not influence your fishing in any way. With that being said, we did find some stories on blog forums that claim otherwise. We also want to share this information with you (so you can have an opinion of your own).

Although most people claim otherwise, there are a few who say that certain colors have helped them out. Specifically, yellow. Some anglers claim that a yellow kayak attracts fish, and when they pay attention to their surroundings, there will be a big bass or any other fish below, staring at them. Some anglers also claim that a camouflage (camo) color helps them out in clear water.


Why are fish not spooked by the color of your kayak?

In any type of water, the deeper you go, the less light there is going to be. Thus, on the surface level, it’s always very bright. So, no matter what the color of the kayak is, your kayak is going to create a shadow.



Do fish perceive colors like we do? How does that relate to the color of a fishing kayak?

Like we previously mentioned, your fishing kayak will form a shadow regardless of the color. That shadow is perceived as a silhouette by fish. This doesn’t mean they will spot you, as fish are used to seeing the silhouette of grass islands and other structures. Your kayak will be perceived as part of the environment. This is why we strongly support the argument that the color of a kayak will not affect your fishing in any way, shape or form.



Something much more influential than the color of your kayak…

Here is something you should pay much more attention to. Your outfit might impact your fishing. Since you are the one making more noticeable and faster movements, you will be spotted more easily. That’s why you should try to match your outfit to the colors of the sky, so you will camouflage with it. This is not a golden rule and may not apply in some situations, but it is something to consider at times.


Choose the color of your kayak based on safety reasons. Stay visible, safety first…

While the color of your kayak doesn’t affect your fishing, there is something else that you should take into consideration when choosing a fishing kayak. And that is safety. Make sure you choose a bright color if this is something to take into consideration.


There are 2 reasons for this. The first one is that if, in case of an accident, someone must go get you, it will be an easy color to spot. The second reason for this is that you will be spotted if a powerboat is heading towards you. You don’t want to be run over by a power boat or some type of big boat. This applies specially to the ocean.


The best colors for safety are yellow green and orange. Avoid blue because it camouflages with the water. If you want a camo, go for a camo that is composed of brighter colors, like green or pink, for example.


If fish are not spooked by the color of a fishing kayak, then what can spook fish away?

The color of your kayak doesn’t spook fish, but there are some other things that do. Here are a some of them:

  • Loud noises.
  • Casting Shadows.
  • Your outfit.
  • The speed of your kayak when approaching, loud paddle strokes, etc.


What factors should you consider when choosing the color of a fishing kayak?

If safety is not an issue because you will be in an empty small lake, then go with personal preference. Be assured that color does not spook fish, and safety should be the primary reason why you choose the color of your fishing kayak. If you are going to use it in the ocean, then go for a color that can be easily spotted at a distance.



The color of your kayak does not influence fishing... but what about length? Is there a recommended length range for a fishing kayak?

Anywhere between 10 ft and 12 ft seems to be the sweet spot. If you want something more specific, then go for a 10 ft Sit On Top. This article will help you decide which one to buy. 


When you are near a Sea Lion habitat, the color of your kayak does become relevant…

We are actually mentioning this for you to be on the watch out, specifically if you are going to use your kayak in the ocean. Some anglers have had experiences where yellow attracts sea lions, so be careful.


And there you go! We really hope this article has helped you out. We tried to answer every possible question that could come up. If there is something we did not address, make sure to drop a comment, send us an email or contact us on the live chat! We're always happy to help. On the other hand, we know this is a controversial topic. We want to hear your thoughts! What do you think about this particular topic? Drop a comment below! We always like to hear different perspectives and opinions.


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