Best 12 Medium Heavy Casting Rods For 2020

Best 12 Medium Heavy Casting Rods For 2020

Looking to buy a Medium Heavy fishing rod? Good thing you clicked on this article! We know it’s an investment every time you get a new rod. The fact that you know that you want a Medium Heavy Rod means that you already know what you want and what you are going to use it for. Nevertheless, we still want to go over a few things before jumping into our top picks. Our goal with this article is to make it as helpful as possible.


Typically, Medium Heavy is the best power for all-around casting rods (and the most common one).  It’s hard enough for jigs and wide gap hooks, but soft enough for soft plastics and to skip docks. Medium Heavy Moderate rods are best for crankbaits, spinnerbaits and large squarebills, among others. Medium Heavy Fast or Extra Fast rods work best for rigs, small swimbaits and large crankbaits, among others.


Quick recap- Power and Action of a rod


Power of the rod

Let’s go over this quickly. The power of the rod is the amount of force (that’s why it’s called “power”) that it requires for it to bend. How much power does it need for it to bend? It’s basically how stiff or flexible a rod is. You usually find these variables: light, medium light, medium, medium heavy, heavy, extra heavy and for deep sea, you will find heavier power rods (XXHeavy, XXXHeavy, etc.).


There are 3 things you need to know about the power of a rod:


  1. Heavier lures require heavier power.
  2. The lighter the line, the lighter the power of the rod will need to be.
  3. The denser the vegetation is, the heavier the power of the rod needs to be. Heavier cover requires heavier power.


Action of the rod

It’s simple. It refers to how close to the tip of the rod the bend will be. The faster the action, the closer to the tip the bend will be.

Action also refers to the speed that the rod returns from bent to straight when it’s released from the load that is bending it. This affects the cast. Think of it this way; when you cast the rod, how much of a “sling” is it going to have with the lure? Is the lure going to be too heavy or to light for the bend that rod has?

Features of a Medium Heavy Power Rod 

Medium Heavy Rods are typically the best all around rods for bass fishing. A Medium Heavy rod is more on the stiffer side. It’s stiff enough to use efficiently with a jig and widegap hooks, and at the same time, it bends enough for you to be able to skip docks or fish soft plastics.


Medium Heavy Power, Moderate Action Casting Rods

A Moderate Action rod (also known as a Parabolic Bend) is less sensitive than a Fast Action Rod. The stiffer the rod is, the more vibrations it transmits. Moderate Action is less stiff than Fast Action, thus, it´s less sensitive. So, if you need sensitivity, go for a Fast or Extra Fast rod. A Moderate rod is great for a lighter lure.


Use Medium Heavy, Moderate rods for crankbaits, spinnerbaits, large squarebills, among others.


Medium Heavy Power, Fast Action Rods

A Fast Action rod bends close to the tip (in the 1/3 upper part of the rod). Fast rods are often ideal for very heavy cover, very dense vegetation.  It’s a pretty stiff rod. Although visually, there might be a huge difference between a Fast Action and an Extra Fast Action rod, or between a Fast action and a Moderate Action rod, there is a huge difference when it comes to hooksets, ability to fight the fish, sensitivity and more.


You can use Medium Heavy, Fast Action rods for worms, jigs and frogs among others. It’s great for skipping docks.


What reels should you use for a Medium Heavy Baitcasting rod?

For the Medium Heavy Moderate rod, use a reel that has a slower gear ratio, in the 5.X:1 area.


For the Medium Heavy Fast or Extra Fast rod, user a faster gear ratio. A 7.X:1 will work perfectly well.


*X= Any Number from 1 to 9


What line size should you use with a Medium Heavy Casting rod?

12-25 lb. test for lure weight, and 1-4 oz. for line size.


What lures should you use on a Medium Heavy Baitcasting rod?

Here are a few lures you can use with a Medium Heavy rod:


Lures for Medium Heavy Fast and Extra Fast Action Rods


Texas Rig

Carolina Rig

Small Swimbaits

Large Crankbaits


Lures for Medium Heavy Moderate Rods

Heavy Lipless

Large Squarebill




Paddle Tail On A Jighead

Livewire Jigs


These are only a few to mention. It’s not limited to only these.


How many Medium Heavy Casting rods should you have?

You should be covered with 2 Medium Heavy rods. One Medium Heavy Moderate and one Medium Heavy Fast will have you covered for most situations. Although, if you already have a rod system that works for you (we recommend having at least these rods LINK), then it’s a good idea to start moving into specialty rods (LINK ALX Rods does a great job on this). When you move into specialty rods, you will find out that there are several rods that are Medium Heavy Moderate/Fast/Extra Fast that serve different purposes, and they vary in length, line size and lure weight.


How are we going to present you these Best 5 Medium Heavy rods?

Talking about Medium Heavy rods is very broad. Depending on the length, lure weight, line size, action and other factors will determine the use of the rod. Presenting individual rods by themselves would not make sense, because it’s not a “single size fits all”. For this reason, we will present you our top picks for rod series. Each rod series will have Medium Heavy rods with different lengths, actions, line and lure ratings. This way, you will be able to choose the rod that has the features that you need. 12 Medium Heavy Casting Rods from 4 rod series.


Now that we went through some of the basics, let’s jump into it! These are the best Medium Heavy Casting Rods on the market:




The ENOX Series by ALX Rods has feel technique rods. Each rod has a primary technique with a secondary talent. There are 3 Medium Heavy rods you can choose from:


ENOX Decoy



We will go into each one of these further ahead.


All ENOX rods have high modulus blanks that will give you a very good strength to weight ratio. Their low resin, compound material design will provide you with maximum responsiveness. All ENOX rods will fit perfectly any serious tournament angler.


The perfect sized Micro Guides

All ENOX Casting Rods use MidMicro Guides. There are 3 Guide sizes that manufacturers tend to use:


Micro Guide: Between 3 and 4 mm. in diameter.

MidMicro Guide: 5 mm. in diameter (This is the one the all ENOX rods use).

Standard Guide: 6 mm. in diameter.


So, why are MidMicro Guides the perfect sized Guides?


You will have longer casts because they will give you very good line control. This is due to the diameter of the guides not being so big.

Smaller diameter guides translates in adding less weight to the overall rod, making it lighter. This is important, because the lighter a casting rod is, the more sensitive it will be. So, smaller guides equal more sensitivity.

They are big enough to pass leader knots. Therefore, a MidMicro Guide is better than a Micro Guide.

They are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel performs great in all environments.


Superior Grip Materials

All ENOX Casting Rods use cork grips. Although each manufacturer may have specific features on their grip, which will make them better or worse, cork grips are usually superior when talking specifically about grip materials. EVA Grips do have their place and they can also be very good options if they have certain features. With that being said, let’s go over some of the advantages of cork grips:

 Cork grips are lighter, they regulate better when in cold temperature, and they have a lower damping capacity, which gives more sensitivity to the rod (they are 3 times more sensitive than EVA grips). Cork grips does have more advantages over EVA grips, but they do require more care and caution. ENOX Decoy’s cork grip also has these features:


They will absorb much less water than an EVA grip.

They are lighter. By adding this feature with the fact that it uses MidMicro Guides, we can conclude that all ENOX Medium Heavy Rods are very light.

They don’t compress under load. You will have a solid grip when casting.

They are highly resistant to abrasion. If taken proper care of, it will last long.


Reamed Grip

The grip is reamed so the inside is tapered. It fits perfectly the rod blank. This ensures that the entire piece is glued to the rod blank. This will prevent any problems in the future.


Some other important features:


Specifically designed to increase the number of fish you land.

It has the unique and patented Kigan Hookkeepers, which doesn’t snag on the line (among other advantages).

Kigan 3D Zero Tangle guides in sleek Gunmetal finish.

It has exposed blank reel seats with premium hood nut assembly.

It has a 5 year warranty, and a Lifetime SureSet Replacement program (this replacement program gives you the ability to replace your rod if something happens to it, no questions asked).  

Proudly made in the U.S.


Why did the ENOX Series make it to this list?

The ENOX Series are premium rods. ALX Rods, in our opinion, does the best job when creating rods for a specific purpose. This is the best option for a tournament angler. Besides that, the quality of these rods is superior in many ways. And in comparison, to other premium rods, the cost is not much more reasonable.



Available models:


Use it for: Worms, Small Jigs, Spinnerbaits

Length: 7'1"

Lure: 1/4 - 7/8 oz

Power: Medium Heavy

Action: Fast

Rod Weight: 4.5 oz

Handle Length: 10.25" (End of butt to the rear edge of reel seat)

Number of Guides: 10

Balance Point: 20" (End of butt to point of balance without a reel)





Use it for: Frogs, Swim Jigs, Vibrating Jigs

Length: 7'2"

Lure: 1/4 - 1 1/8 oz

Power: Medium Heavy+

Action: Fast

Rod Weight: 4.6 oz

Handle Length: 10.25" (End of butt to rear edge of reel seat)

Number of Guides: 10

Balance Point: 20" (End of butt to point of balance without a reel)



Enox LSB

Use it for: Frogs, Swim Jigs, Jigs, Hair Jigs

Length: 7'5"

Lure: 1/4 - 1 1/8 oz

Power: MediumHeavy+

Action: Fast

Rod Weight: 4.7 oz

Handle Length: 10.5" (End of butt to the rear edge of reel seat)

Number of Guides: 11

Balance Point: 21" (End of butt to point of balance without a reel)



Bonus- Ikos Hustler by ALX Rods (Medium Heavy Power, Moderate Action Casting Rod)

This is a great option if you are looking for a crankbait rod (smaller than 15’). It’s also much more affordable. Check it out!



This is what we have to say about the ENOX Series. Lets move on to out next pick:



The Kodiak Macro Medium Heavy Rod features carbon fiber blanks and ceramic lines. Just like the ENOX Series, it offers the ideal guide size, which is bigger than the micro guides but smaller than the standard guides, giving you line control, but at the same time, wide enough to pass leader knots.


The combination of the 3 different types of high modulus carbon fiber used for the blanks, give as a result a very sensitive and light casting rod.


The ceramic rings that it uses provide ultimate hardness and last very long.


The Kodiak Macro Casting Rod is available in Fast and Extra Fast Action.


The Kodiak Macro comes available in different Power options. Specifically, the Medium Heavy version is perfect for:


Carolina Jig


Deep Diving Crankbaits







Swim Jigs

Texas Rig

Weightless Worms


The Big Bear Grip- Something very unique

One of the most unique aspects of the Kodiak Macro (and any Big Bear rod) is the grip. The grip is made in such a way that it increases your overall rod control. It let’s you make long casts without sacrificing accuracy, and more powerful hook sets while maintaining its sensitivity and lightness.


The Big Bear grip is made to reduce hand and arm fatigue. You don’t have to hold the grip as tight. This will let you have longer fishing days because your arm will not be as tired.


The Big Bear grip is simply superior. It regulates itself when in cold weather by using the heat of your hand.


Here is something really cool. To explain, first see the structure of the grip:

It’s conformed of big “bumps” and smaller “bumps”. Your hand will be in touch with the bigger bumps. The smaller bumps are made so that, if there is any water on the rod, it will slip through the structure of the small bumps (it forms a type of “channel”) all the way down, and it ends up dripping at the end of the rod. Your hand will almost not get wet because it’s on the bigger bumps. As a result, your casts won’t be affected in any way and the rod will not slip.  


The butt is comfortable enough for two handed casts yet cushioned and rounded for hard hook sets.


The Big Bear Grip is by the far superior than any other grip.


The Kodiak Blanks

The Kodiak Macro has blanks that are made of high modulus carbon fiber, resulting in superior sensitivity and lightness, with an amazing power to weight ratio. Three words the Kodiak’s blanks: lightness, sensitivity and durability.


Zirconium Nanolite Ceramic Rings

The guides will last long and they add very little weight to the rod, making it lighter and providing better line control. They are wide enough to pass leader knots.


New Power added to the list...

Big Bear are the first ones to include a new Power: 3/4 Heavy. 


This Power is between Medium Heavy and Heavy. If Medium Heavy doesn't quite do it for you but Heavy is too much, 3/4 Heavy will match your needs. We know you came here for Medium Heavy casting rods, but we just wanted to lay this out here. It's something worth exploring. They also added a 3/4 Medium Power, but it's probably not in your interest at this time.


In a nutshell, the Powers available will be like this: Medium Light, 3/4 Medium, Medium, Medium Heavy, 3/4 Heavy, Heavy, Extra Heavy.


Why did the Kodiak Macro Casting Rod Make it to this list?

The grip is definitely a factor. It’s the most superior we have seen. The materials it uses and specially in relation the cost of the rod make it a great option. One other big factor of why we selected it for this list is because of the integration of the new “Power” options (3/4 Heavy and ¾ Medium). This will let you be more specific for picking the rod that best fits your needs.



Line and Lure: 12-20 lb and ¼ - 1 oz.

Power: Medium Heavy

Available Actions: Fast, Extra Fast

Available Sizes: 6’9”, 7’, 7’3”, 7’6”, 7’9”

Color: Red/Black




And with that, we conclude our review on this baitcasting rod. Here is our next pick:



Vexan is a brand created by Tackle IndustriesLINK, one of the best rod brands for Big Game Fishing (particularly for Musky and Pike).


If you are looking for a rod that is very strong, and at the same time, sensitive and accurate, the Vexan Bass and Bass Pro Series are something you should look into. Something worth noticing is that it has a very good backbone without sacrificing sensitivity. The backbone these rods have is indestructable and at tips are flexible and sensitive.


What’s the difference between a premium rod and a more affordable, less quality casting rod?

The graphite blank, other components and the finish are the difference of higher quality (and usually more expensive) casting rods. The geo-location of where the rod is made can also influence the final cost of a rod. This plays part of why Vexan rods are so unique:


What’s so unique about Vexan?

Considering a casting rod is not a “one size fits all” type of item (AKA you need several rods for different applications), getting premium rods can get quite expensive and can either drain your bank account, or it will be a slow process while you build your arsenal, because you have to wait a longer period of time while you get the money for your next rod. On the other hand, the cheaper you go down the line, the quality of the rods will equally descend. And this is where Vexan comes in.


All Vexan rods are made with the purpose of delivering the same quality of a $400, but at a much more affordable price. That’s the uniqueness of these rods. They give you the quality of a premium rod, at the price of a cheaper one. Vexan rods are between twenty and forty percent cheaper than most premium rods.


Why are Vexan Bass Series and Bass Pro Series so outstanding with the power, strength and sensitivity they have? 

The answer to this is their titanium technology. Their blanks are made with IM8 titan. This material offers incredible durability, flexibility and sensitivity. It will be hard to snap one of these. See it for yourself:



Something worth noting as well is the aesthetics. The looks of this rods are equal to their quality materials.


Durable Guides

One big problem with many rods is that the guides don’t last. They will eventually break with a powerful cast or when you try to pass a line knot (all rods presented on this article solve this problem really well). The guide system that Vexan uses gives you a long lasting rod and smoother casts and cause less abrasion to the line. Their guide system also takes part in these rods being very lightweight.


About the reel seats

Vexan uses Fuji reel seats. They are light and they provide maximum comfortability to the angler.


About the Vexan Grip (EVA)

If you read through the ENOX Series review by ALX Rods, you are probably thinking that the fact that Vexan uses EVA grips reduces the quality of the rod. Remember one thing: Vexan’s goal is to bring you the quality of a premium rod at the price of a cheaper rod. If they used cork handles, this would not be possible. While cork grip does have several advantages over EVA, it also has its disadvantages.


Cork grip requires extra care from you. Otherwise, it will rotten. On the other hand, you pay much less attention to an EVA grip. It will require much less effort from your part. If less maintenance is a decision factor for you when buying a rod, EVA grips are a better choice for you.


Why did the Bass and Bass Pro casting rods make it to our list?

The purpose of these rods is to deliver the quality of a premium rod at the price of a cheaper rod. And they do fulfill their purpose. These rods are premium quality with their guides, the rod blanks they use among all the other things we mentioned. The power, strength and sensitivity these rods deliver is outstanding. One thing we did not mention is that they donate every year from 40% to 60% of their profit to children’s charities and veterans.


Vexan Bass and Bass Pro Series Medium Heavy Casting Rods Available

Vexan Pro Bass- Crankin Chatterbait VP74MH-C

Length: 7’4”

Power: Medium Heavy

Action: Moderate

Line: 8-14lb mono

Lure: 1/4 – 5/8oz

Blank: IM8 Titan Technology

Grip: Split

Application: Multi-purpose (worm, 1/4oz jigs, etc)


Vexan Bass- V7MHX-C

Length: 7’

Action: Extra Fast

Power: Medium Heavy

Line: 10-17lb mono

Lure: 1/4 – 5/8oz

Blank: IM8 Titan Technology

Grip: Split

Application: Multi-purpose (worm, 1/4oz jigs, etc)


Vexan Bass- V76MH-C

Length: 7’6″

Action: Extra Fast

Power: Medium Heavy

Line: 10-17lb mono

Lure: 1/4 – 3/4oz

Blank: IM8 Titan Technology

Grip: Full

Application: Multi-purpose rod with fast tip (1/2-3/4oz lipless crankbaits over grass and into the slop).


Let’s move on to our next pick:



Quality, precision and performance are the qualifying words that describe FX Custom Rods. It’s a brand that genuinely cares about their customers. Their rods are light, sensitive and strong.  


About their rod blanks (Something very unique)

One of the most remarkable things of these rods are that their rod blanks are made by the owner of FX Rods. Typically, most manufacturers bulk buy a bunch of rod blanks and then re-brand them. But in the case of FX rods, they planned and created their own blanks. With 20 years of experience with building rods, they must know something, right? All this time has been dedicated to how to enhance the performance of their rods and rod blanks. Their rod blanks are unique and patented. The material that they are made with (Japanese Toray Fabric) provides you with a very lightweight, sensitive and durable rod.


About their reel seats

The reel seats of the Xtreme Series (Angler and Titanium) are made of only graphite. It has a pass through design that allows your finger to be in direct contact with the blank so you can have greater control and it will also allow you to feel more bites.


About their line guides

For their guides, they use Fuji K-Frame Corrosion Control, which are one of the best ones on the market (and they are exclusive to FX Rods). Corrosion Control is a new finish. There has been extensive testing on this finish. It’s the result of an eco-friendly chemical process. It’s 7 times more resistant to corrosion than regular stainless steel. This is something very exciting.


About their grip (Winn)

FX Rods uses Winn grips. Winn technology provides which provides tackiness to the angler when holding the grip, even in cold weather and with water involved. Winn uses polymer for their grips. Polymer has big advantages. Polymer reduces fatigue when holding your rod, and it also enhances your overall rod control. It’s firm, has great sensitivity and its light. A lot of anglers would agree that Winn grip is even more superior than cork.


Why did the Xtreme Series make it to our list?

Their proprietary rod blank is something huge and unique, that makes these rods stand out. Another factor of why we think this are one of the best rods on the market is because of the guides. These rods are just top quality.


Their Medium Heavy Casting Rods

Xtreme Angler Rods


Built with 40-ton Japanese Toray Fabrics

Nano Tube Design - 30% Stronger - 100% Graphite Rods

Fuji Tangle Free K-Frame Corrosion Control Guides w/ Fazlite® Rings

FX Signature Winn Grip Handle

100% Graphite Casting Reel Seat

Impeccably Balanced

No Extra Paint Adding Unnecessary Weight

No Vibration Robbing Parts Like Rubber and Tape


Xtreme Angler: 6’3” Medium Heavy Power, Fast Action Casting Rod

Length: 6’3”

Power: Medium Heavy

Action: Fast

Power Rating: 392g

Line Rating: 8 - 17 lbs

Lure Rating: 3/16 - 3/4 oz

Primary Use: Dock Skipping

Secondary Uses: Jigs, Worms, Senkos, Bladed Jigs, Spinner Baits


Xtreme Angler: 6’9” Medium Heavy Power, Extra Fast Action Casting Rod

Length: 6’9”

Power: Medium Heavy

Action: Extra Fast

Power Rating: 341g

Line Rating: 10 - 20 lbs

Lure Rating: 3/8 - 3/4 oz

Primary Use: Spinnerbaits

Secondary Uses: Buzz Baits, Bladed Jigs, Swim Jigs, Large Jerk Baits 


Xtreme Angler: 7’1” Medium Heavy Power, Fast Action Casting Rod (Cork and Winn Grip Available)

Length: 7’1”

Power: Medium Heavy

Action:  Fast

Power Rating: 344g

Line Rating: 10 - 20 lbs

Lure Rating: 3/16 - 3/4 oz

Primary Uses: Jigs, Worms, Senkos

Secondary Uses:  Spinner Baits, Bladed Jigs, Dock Skipping, Small Swimbaits, Swim Jigs.


Xtreme Angler: 7’6” Medium Heavy Power, ModFast Action Casting Rod

Length: 7’6”

Power: Medium Heavy

Action:  ModFast

Power Rating: 244g

Line Rating: 10 - 15 lbs

Lure Rating: 1/4 - 1 1/4 oz

Primary Use: Crankbaits 6-16 Ft Divers

Secondary Uses:  Topwater, Buzz Baits, Spinner Baits, Small Swimbaits, 1/2 oz Rattle Traps.


Xtreme Titanium Rods


Made with High Modulus 46-Ton Japanese Toray Fabrics

Nano Tube Design 30% Stronger 100% Graphite Rods

Quick Release Nano Resins for Xtreme Cast-Ability

K-Frame Titanium Tangle Free Guides

Silicon Nitride Ring Insert (hardest ring material available)

Signature Series FX Winn Grip Handles

Low Profile Palming Casting Reel Seats

Impeccably Balanced


Xtreme Angler: 7’6” Medium Heavy Power, Fast Action Casting Rod

Length: 7’1”

Power: Medium Heavy

Action: Fast

Power Rating: 344g

Line Rating: 10 - 20 lbs

Lure Rating: 3/16 - 3/4 oz

Use it for: Jigs, Worms, Senkos, Bladed Jigs, Spinner baits, Dock Skipping, Small swimbaits, Swim Jigs


And there you go! This is our selection for our top picks. Of course, it’s not a science. So tell us, what do you think? Do you agree with our picks? Which rods would you take out of this list, or which rods would you include? Let us know on the comments below! Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know (feel free to drop a comment or write to us by email, through the live chat or call us!).

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