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3 Ways To Store And Carry Fishing Rods On A Truck Bed (DIY)

3 Ways To Store And Carry Fishing Rods On A Truck Bed (DIY)

If you are looking for options on how to transport your fishing rods on your pickup truck that are quick, cheap, and easy to apply, you came to the perfect spot! In this article, we are going to go over 3 ways that you can store and/or carry your rods safely on your pickup truck. 


We will go over these 3 methods:

  • Create a rod pod/tube.
  • Tie the tips of the rods to a strap, resting the handles on a base made of PVC tubes.

  • Build a rod rack 


We know it’s always a concern to take your rods safely to anywhere you go. And, honestly, you should make the effort to protect them because at some point, you invested money into these rods. We made sure that the methods for transporting your rods on a truck bed that we picked for you are simple enough so that anyone can apply this information. We do not take credit for these ideas. We surfed on the web and chose the best 3 methods for doing this. We will give credit to the authors. 


What not to do

Don’t just throw your rods on your truck bed and take them like that. They will either be damaged or, if you drive fast enough on a bump, they might even fall of your truck on the road! So, make sure you do something to protect them.


How did we choose these 3 methods?

We chose them based on simplicity and the amount of investment they need. The ones you will find in this article will require little time, effort, and money to apply them. There are other very fancy DIY rod tubes and racks for your truck bed on youtube, but they require much more time and money.


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Method #1 To Store And Carry Your Fishing Rods Safely On The Bed Of Your Truck: Create A Rod Pod/Rod Tube

Author: Beyond The Bounds 

Well, let’s make it clear. You can buy a rod pod for your truck. But there is one good reason why you should consider making your own instead of buying it: you will save quite a few bucks. Buying a rod pod for your truck or truck bed can get expensive, and at the end, you still have to install it. If that is the case, why not just do the whole thing yourself and save some money!


At the end of method number one, you will end with a rod pod/tube that has the same quality as a store bought one.


Materials (DIY Rod Pod/Tube)

Reese Conduit Carrier Kit (You can get it hereThis is NOT an affiliate link).

Conduit Carrier



PVC Tube (At least 8 ft long)(6” diameter)

*You will fin it at a better price with your local specialized plumber shop than with any of the big brands.

PVC Tube

Spray Paint for your PVC Tube (Flex Seal is a good option. This is NOT an affiliate link).

Spray Paint

Gun Drill

Gun Drill







2 Straps


Step #1: Cut the PVC Tube

This is in case the PVC tube is very long. To make sure any rod can fit, cut the PVC tube at 8 feet. Be aware, if you have 1 piece rods that are longer than 8 ft, then cut the tube that size.


Do a mark with a marker, and cut the tube. Make sure you ware a mask when cutting it. You can use an electric saw, a handsaw, a PVC cutter or even with hand files.

Tools to cut PVC tube

Step #2: Paint The PVC Tube

First thing’s first. Go outdoors. Grab some type of sharp and long stick or piece of wood and stick it in the grass. After the stick is in the ground, you are going to put the hole of the PVC tube on top of it. This is going to hold the PVC tube vertically without you having to hold it. This is just to make it easier for you. If you want, you can just lay the tube on a table and paint it there, although it will be messy so make sure you protect everything with old newspaper. Make sure the PVC pipe is completely dry when you do this.


You are going to put 2 layers of paint to the PVC tube. Spray the whole tube one time. After that, you are going to wait 12 hours. After it’s totally dry, apply the 2nd layer. Wait another 12 hours. Make sure you don’t do anything to it after the paint is totally dry. Your rod tube is going to be rock solid after doing this.

Paint the PVC Tube

Step #3: Attach both caps to the PVC tube

Both caps have holes on the sides so you can lock the caps with the screws. Without any glue, put one of the caps at the end of the PVC. Drill the holes on the PVC tube through the holes from the side of the caps are. Don’t put the screws on yet. Repeat this process on the end cap. Make sure you don’t move the position of either the caps or the PVC when drilling the holes, because if you do, then the holes on the PVC won’t match the holes from the cap.


Now that you have the holes drilled on the PVC pipe, it’s time to attach the caps to the ends of the pipe. To do this, put a layer of silicone on the inside the caps. Make sure that the holes of the caps are aligned with the holes of the tube.  Let the silicone dry for a couple of minutes. After it dries, and the caps are still and don’t move, use the screwdriver to place the screws on the holes. The combination of the screws and the silicone will make your rod pod extra resistant. You will be able to use your lock to fully secure your rods.


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Step #4:  Attach your new rod pod to the bed of your truck

The easiest and cheapest method we found to do this is to attach the rod pod to the sides of the truck. This will allow you to even carry 2 of these! And it’s a safe method. It’s very straight forward. All you have to do is cut the inserts that are on the sides of the truck. You are going to use those holes to tie the rod pod to the sides with a strap. Consider putting rubber gaskets on the surface of the truck so it won’t get damaged. This video from Samuel Moore explains it in detail:


Method #2 To Store And Carry Your Fishing Rods Safely On The Bed Of Your Truck: Tie The Tips To a Strap, Rest The Handles On A Base Made Of PVC Tubes

Author: Tony Acevedo from Salt Strong

This method consists (as the title says) to tie the rod tips to a strap, and on the other side, rest the handles on a base. Apply this method if you want a very simple solution, without having to invest much time and money to it.


Let’s start with how to make the base where the handles are going to rest. Here is what you are going to need:

2 PVC Elbow Connectors


4 PVC "T" Connectors


8 PVC Tube Pieces (2 tubes: 20”, 4 tubes: 10”, 2 tubes: 5“)

PVC Tube

The setup is really easy. You just have to put everything together. Feel free to use glue when connecting the tubes with the connectors to make sure they don’t pop out. 

PVC Base for rods on truck bed

Now all you have to do is add some type of cushion to the tube where the rods will rest (foam is a good option) so that the rods won’t get damaged if they bounce around a little bit.


Good. Very simple right? You are half way through. Next step is even simpler. Next step consists of attaching a strap from side to side on the end part of the truck. The base where the handles are going to rest will be located on the inside part of the truck bed, and the rod tips tied to the end part of the truck bed (next to the tailgate). Usually, truck beds have ring inserts on the sides. Use those to attach the strap from side to side. Make sure the strap is firm, not lose.

Tie rods on the other side  

Now, let’s put it all together. Place the base you just made inside the truck bed. Take the rods you are going to carry and place their handles on the base. The tips should be on the end side of the truck, where the strap is. Grab the tips of all the rods and tie them to the strap by using a rubber tie (or any type of rope will work).


And there it is! If the rods are longer than the truck bed, you don’t have to close the tailgate, you can leave it open. If you are looking for a simple solution, this will be it.


Method #3 To Store And Carry Your Fishing Rods Safely On The Bed Of Your Truck: Build A Rod Rack That Is Made Specifically To Fit The Bed Of Your Truck

Author: Enthusiast Adventurer


The third way we really liked on how to store and carry fishing rods on a truck bed is this one. Create your own rod holder/rod rack. It’s easy to make and the end result is pretty cool.


This is what you will need:


*The diameter you will use is 1.25” (or 1 ¼).


1 PVC Tube
6 PVC 3 Way “T” Connectors
2 PVC 4 Way Connectors
4 Way Connector PVC
4 PVC End Caps


This will be to make a rod rack for 6 rods (check out our 6 rod bass fishing system if you want to have a functional rod system in place that you can take anywhere). Feel free to adjust if you want to carry more or less rods.


How to do it:

Measure the whole PVC tube and divide that measurement into 6 equal parts. With a marker, make a mark where you are going to cut the tube (like previously mentioned, they have to be 6 equal parts). Make sure that the width of the tube fits the bed of your truck. There are different bed sizes for trucks, so just make sure that the width of the rod rack will fit in the bed.  You can cut your PVC tube with an electric saw, a hand saw, a PVC cutter or even with hand files.


After you cut the tube in 6 parts, attach the connectors to the end of each tube. The “T” connectors are going to be where you will place your rods. The 4 way connectors will be to place another tube perpendicularly on both ends of the rack.  It will be like this:


Tube #1: Starts with an end cap on one side of the tube. Attach a “T” connector which will be at the middle of the tube. On the other end of the tube, place a 4 way connector. The 4 way connector will be attached to tube #2


Tube #2: On one end it’s attached with 4 way connector from tube #1. You will place one “T” connector on the middle of this tube and another “T” connector at the end of the tube. So it will have the 4 way connector that is connected to tube #1, a “T” connector on the middle of the tube, and another “T” connector at the end of the tube. Tube #3 starts with the “T” connector from tube #2.


Tube #3: On one end, it’s attached with “t” connector from tube #2. Place another 2 “T” connectors on the middle of the tube (evenly spread out). On the other end of this tube, you will place the other 4 way connector. So on one end, it will be connected to the “T” connector from tube #2, and it will have 2 “T” connectors on the middle of the tube, and one 4 way connector on the other end of the tube.


Tube #4: On one end, it will be attached to the 4 way connector from tube #3. You will place one “T” connector on the middle of the tube, and you will place an end cap on the other side of the tube.


Now that you have this built, even the connectors out on the same level. Put the other 2 pieces of tube to each one of the 4 way connectors. These will be the support and stability of your rack. They will prevent the rack from sliding backward and forward when you drive.


And there you go! Place the rack deep inside the bed of the truck. Both ends of the rack should be stopped by the part of the truck bed that molds towards inside because of the truck wheels. And the perpendicular tubes will prevent the rack from sliding to the front and the back. If you are going to store your rods this truck bed rod rack, make sure you cover each one of them with rod socks.


There it is! 3 ways to store and carry your rods on the bed of your pickup truck! As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments. We will be glad to help! If there is something on the article that is not clearly explained, drop us a comment and we will make sure to fix it!


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