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Recommended Rod, Reel and Line for Topwaters and Jerkbaits

Recommended Rod, Reel and Line for Topwaters and Jerkbaits

Topwater fishing is the most thrilling way to fish and its extremely effective in post spawn season. The visual show of watching the bass devore your lure out of nothing makes it overly exciting. It's important to have the appropiate equipment for these baits. 


In this article, I’m going to give you my personal gear recommendations for topwaters and jerkbaits. You can have a piece of mind knowing that I've thoroughly researched what is the best gear you can possibly get for this task without going too crazy on the price. As always, if you get anything of what I'm about to recommend and you're not happy with it, you can easily return it and get a full refund, no questions asked. 


Style: Casting

Length: 6’9”

Power: Medium

Action: Fast

Application: Topwater, Jerkbaits, Ripbaits

Recommended Rod: ZOLO Jerkbait by ALX. You can buy it from us here.

Why I recommend it: This rod was made specifically for topwaters and jerkbaits. One of the most essential features it has is that it has a shorter butt section. This is important because if the butt section is longer, it get’s in the way of your body, and you have to maintain the rod away from your body by extending your arm. This makes it uncomfortable and negatively affects your twitching ability. You will also end up tangling your clothes on the butt with a longer butt section. So, a short butt section is essential.


The reason why this rod is shorter is because it allows you to do that twitching on the bait. The twitching is imparted with the rod. Because of this, it’s optimal to use a shorter rod. The fast action tip will allow you to get good hooksets. It also helps you have longer casts. Medium power is the way to go for this one.


The Zolo Jerkbait has a great backbone. It will help you increase the number of fish you land. It has a padded reel seat nut which is really nice to have. It makes your finger comfortable. And the cork handle is the icing of the cake, which is sensitive and light weight. Cork is less slippery in rainy conditions.


These are only the features that make it the perfect topwater and jerkbait rod. There are other features that make it a great rod, such as the blanks it uses, the guides, trimmed reel seats, and other great stuff. I think the price of this rod is more than fair for what you are getting. I highly recommend this rod; I promise you’ll love it!



Style: Casting 

Gear Ratio: 7.3:1

Recommended Reel: Ardent Apex Grand. You can get it from us here.

Why I recommend it: A higher gear ratio is more than needed for topwaters and jerkbaits. The thing with these lures is that they create a slack in your line, which is picked up by the high gear ratio reel and gets you ready for the hook set. This reel has 12+1 ball bearings which makes it exceptionally smooth. It’s an overall great reel.


If you are interested in getting something more affordable, go for the Phantom X by Piscifun 7.6:1 gear ratio. You’ll be surprised with the quality of Piscifun in their reels, especially when you take into consideration their price point. You buy it from us here.


  • If you are interested in getting the Topwater and Jerkbait rod and reel combo (ZOLO Jerkbait + Apex Grand), we bundled them up for you here.


  • If you are interested in getting the more affordable rod and reel combo (ZOLO Jerkbait + Phantom X), we also bundled them up for you here.



Mono or braid are the way to go. If you use mono, go for 15-17 lb. If you use braid, go for 35-40 lb.

  • For mono, I recommend Seaguar. We don’t sell it but you can find it on Amazon.
  • For braid, get the Nano X-4 Strand Braid.



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